Pyaar Ki Dosti – Episode 2

Pyaar Ki Dosti – Episode 2

Pyaar Ki Dosti – Episode 2

Hello friends..I am back with 2 episodes. I am sorry for not posting for a long time due to some please support.

Recap: Due to the imbalance, Naira’s cycle comes between Kartik’s grandfather’s car and the car gets into an accident and the grandfather dies. Goenka family Dadi and Manish blame Naira and throw her out but soon Kartik realizes his mistake of misunderstanding Naira and feels guilty. After a few years Naira is a top model in London where she was spending time with her friends and later surprises them about going back to India. Kartik is a famous actor while a girl named Suman falls in love with him like crazy. Keerti is shocked to think of attending the interview.

Naira is seen sitting sad at the airport while Gayu and Rohan come there.

Rohan: Hey Miss.Beauty..what happened? why are you sad You should have been happy that you were going to visit your family, right?

Naira: Yes…but still I don’t have any friends there so I am going to miss you both.

Gayu: Don’t worry.. we just joked with you that we will come only when you get boyfriend but we will definitely come because we are also Indians.

Naira hugs Gayu..

Naira: Thank you…but come soon.

Rohan: Don’t worry..I am going to bring the procession directly from London to Udaipur. So I will come soon to have Gayu as my wife.

Naira laughs..

Gayu: Rohan… don’t talk too much. Then I will..

Rohan: Don’t say the same dialogue that you will break up with me.. Please try a new dialogue because I was bored with that dialogue.

Gayu gets irritated and beats him up.

Guy: You!!! i hate you..

Rohan’s joke: This is also the same dialogue..

Rohan laughs while Gayu starts beating him..

Gayu: You are the foolish lover of the world..

Naira: Okay..okay..both stops. It’s time for me to bye.

Rohan and Gayu hug Naira and…

Rohan: Goodbye..Miss.Beauty. Hope we meet soon either you will come here or we will come there.

Naira: Yes..

They both say goodbye and Naira leaves.

Parallel View:

Kartik is getting ready and he immediately walks out while Manish stops him..

Manish: Karthik..why are you in such a hurry? You don’t eat eat something and go.

Karthik: care about me too? I think it is your job to fool Mr. Goenka. Please don’t disturb my way..I won’t fall in your fake trap.

Karthik left in anger.

Manish gets sad while Dadi and Suvarna also get sad seeing their broken relationship.

Dadi: Kartik is still angry with Manish. He started talking to me because of my health issues but I feel sorry for Manish… I don’t know when their relationship will be back to normal.

Suvarna in mind: Manish should have supported Kartik in Naira’s case.. He didn’t so it is his punishment from God. But I hope they forget their bitterness and join hands again.

Suvarna: Maji… there is only one way. Why.. Why don’t we talk with Akshara and Naitik and solve the problem by joining their friendship again? Only Manish and Karthik can join this.

Grandma gets angry..

Grandma: Don’t talk nonsense. Have you forgotten what Naira did? Even though he may not have committed murder but he should not have taken Kartik to ride the cycle, so he is guilty of my husband’s death. I don’t care even if Karthik and Manish’s relationship doesn’t go well but I will not allow Naira to enter this house or Karthik’s life..understood?

Suvarna feels sad while Keerti comes there easily and..

Keerti: you are going for an interview. So please pray that I get selected.

Dadi and Suvarna bless Keerti and…

Suvarna: You will definitely get the selected beta..

Grandmother: Yes..Your talent will not let you down so you will definitely get selected.

Kirti: Thanks..

Kirti finds Manish upset and…

Keerti: Papa upset? Shall I go and seek his blessings?
Suvarna: She is upset with Kartik but not with you so go and get his blessings.

Kirti goes to seek blessings from Manish and..

Kirti: Papa… don’t worry. Soon everything will be fine.. Karthik will understand your value one day.

Manish: I hope.. anyway good luck for your interview.

Kirti: Thanks..

The fame also goes..

Parallel View:

Naira reaches Udaipur and goes in search of her family while Kartik also reaches the same airport and looks for someone..

Suddenly Kartik hits Naira and they both fall on each other and look at each other while Kartik is mesmerized.

Naira immediately walks and gets up..

Naira: can’t you walk properly?

Kartik also wakes up and..

Karthik: Why… you can’t do this?

Naira: Sorry.

Karthik in mind: Every girl dies to see me herself but this girl has fallen on me but is behaving as if she doesn’t know me..

Karthik: you know who I am?

Naira: I don’t care whoever you are. I don’t care even if you are the son of the president…but after that it’s okay.

Karthik in mind: He is different. Everyone eagerly waits to meet me but this girl is behaving tough even after meeting me.

Karthik: Well…you also don’t talk like a heroine.

Naira: What?…

Karthik: Nothing..

Kartik goes while Naira hits him on the head..

Naira: Weird man!!..

Naira leaves while Kartik suddenly comes and hugs Naira from behind.

Naira: Hey.. what are you doing man? just leave me..

Karthik: Shhh.. silent. If I leave you, you are gone.

Naira: Are you crazy?

Karthik: Behind your dress… your zip was broken and came out, so I came and hugged you so that no one can see.

Naira gets shocked and gets worried..

Naira: Oh will I go now?

Karthik: I will give you my overcoat..You put it on and go.

Naira worried: Please help me take me to the washroom..there I will wear your overcoat.

Karthik smiles..

Karthik: How did your harsh voice become soft? To get help?

Naira gets irritated..

Naira: Shut up..if you don’t want to help then leave me..I will take care of myself.

Karthik: Okay… well, don’t get angry. i will help you..

Karthik picks up Naira shocking Naira..

Naira: Oi.. what are you doing?

Karthik: I can’t hug you, so I picked you up. If I lift you no one can see you..

Naira: Alright..

Kartik and Naira look at each other while Kartik takes her..

They reach the washroom and Kartik drops it and he removes his overcoat while Naira closes her eyes.

Kartik: Don’t be shy..I am wearing shirt inside.

Naira opens her eyes and feels relieved and she wears Kartik’s coat..

Naira: Thanks for your help..

Karthik: It’s ok..

Naira: Where shall I come and return to you?

Karthik: Come to the park tomorrow evening..

Nair: Okay..

Karthik smiles when Naira leaves.

Karthik in mind: She is hard and soft and also beautiful and attractive..

Naira leaves while Kartik comes out and looks for someone and he finds that person and runs to him.

Kartik: Pakhiiii..

Pakhi sees Kartik and gets happy and hugs him..

Pakhi: Brother..

Karthik: You have finally come from a foreign tour…I am very happy.

Pakhi: Really? did you miss me that much?

Karthik: Yes..I miss your useless jokes.

Pakhi beats Karthik.

Pakhi: You never change. You always make fun of me..

Karthik: Because you are my crazy sister..

Pakhi smiles and they both leave while Naira searches for her family and finally sees their family and gets emotional and happy and immediately runs and hugs her mother Akshara.

Naira: Mama!!!

Akshara caresses him and..

Akshara: Naira are you?

Naira: I am fine are you all?

Moral: We are all fine but we cannot be okay for one thing alone.

Naira: What’s the matter papa?

Moral: We all miss you every day. You are our dear we can’t live without you.

Naira: Don’t worry..I have come now. So we’ll spend more family time.

Naksh: I am angry with Naira..I will not talk to her.

Naira makes a puppy face and goes to Naksh and holds his ear.

Naira: Brother..I’m sorry..

Naksh: You always fool me that you will come within ten days but finally you came after 8 it fair?

Naira: I’m really sorry bro. I thought of coming but I got selected in international modeling so I was busy with that..I’m really sorry.

Naksh: Whatever you care about everything but not me… so don’t talk.

Naira: I will make lots of kachoris for you okay? Please.. Please excuse me.

Naksh gets happy and hugs her..

Naksh: Then I will forgive you..You have to give me a lot of kachoris everyday as a punishment.

Naira: Alright.

Akshara and Naitik smile seeing their bond..

Naira notices Agastya and Mishti there as well.

Naira: So you two have also come?

Agastya: How can I not come for my friend’s visit?

Mishti: Yes..I missed you a lot. So I also came with Agastya Bhaiya.

Naira hugs Mishti and…

Naira: Okay…we’ll have a lot of ice cream from today, okay?

Mishti: Okay..

Agastya: always spoil my sister.

Naira laughs..

Naira: Don’t be jealous that you can’t get free ice cream next..

Everyone laughs while Agastya stares at Naira..

Agastya: Wait…I will take revenge for joking.

Naira: Lo..lo..

Akshara: Okay…let’s go.

Everyone leaves while Naksh and Agastya go separately..

Naira: Hey? Where are you two going?

Naksh: Actually I am going to office. Today I have to give an interview and Agastya is going to his go home with your parents.

Naira: Oh…okay.

Naira goes with Akshara and Naitik while Agastya, Mishti and Naksh go on the same bike.

Naksh: Thank god I parked my car in the office so that I can go home by car. I came with you to the airport because going by bike would be easier than by car.

Agastya: Yes…you did it right. Now I will drop you off office and then I will drop Mishti at my house and go to station..

Naksh: Really sorry to take your help.. Your work is getting delayed because of me.


Naksh: Okay.. did you come to know about your father’s murderer?

Agastya: Yes…I found him. But he is abroad…I must catch him somehow.

Naksh: Who is it?

Agastya: A boy named Ishaan Sharma.

He gives Ishaan’s photo to Naksh and Naksh sees the photo..

Agastya: He is stupid Ishaan

Naksh: He looks like a decent man but so is a criminal. I hope you catch him soon. He should get the harshest punishment.

Agastya: Yes..

Parallel View:

Kartik and Pakhi are going to their home in a car.

Pakhi: Brother..may I tell you a secret?

Karthik: Yes… tell me Pakhi.

Pakhi: I’m in love with a guy from Paris..

Kartik gets shocked..

Karthik: sister has fallen in love..good. Who is that lucky boy?

Pakhi: His name is Ryan Sharma.

She shows the photo of Ryan to Katik..

Pakhi: He’s only Ryan.

Karthik: Oh…good man. I hope he comes to India so that we all can see him face to face..

Pakhi: He will come in 5 days..

Karthik: That’s great. Now as soon as a bride is ready, our house will turn into a marriage hall.

Pakhi: Brother… don’t bother me.

Karthik: Ok..ok..when my brother-in-law comes, I will tease.

Kartik and Pakhi laugh and they leave..

The scene freezes.
Precap: Naira faints while Kartik takes her and someone clicks their photo. Ishaan fools Agastya. Naksh and Kirti Bandhan..

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