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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Jul 22, 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya learns Ratlaam’s status

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai July 22, 2022 Written Episode, Written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ahilya scolding Malerao for his pranks. She says I’ll punish you for your mistakes today. Malerao says I didn’t make a mistake, I just punished Gunu ji. He extends his hand. She cries and remembers Malhar’s wounds. Mugdha says no, don’t hit him, how else can he hold my hand. Ahilya is crying. He tries to run. Gautama is coming. She asks him to apologize to Ahilya. He says ask mum to apologize to me. she hits him. He falls. He expires. Gautama asks Ahilya not to cry and to control her emotions. She says when a child’s mischief makes a mother cry, it is a mother’s greatest defeat for her love. She tells him to be strict. Tukoji comes and greets them. Gautama says I was just leaving. She takes Mugdha with her.

Ahilya asks if you went to Ratlaam. He says yes, but… She gives him water. She asks what happened there, tell me. He says I went there but after reaching the border…. FB shows Tukoji going to Ratlaam. He sees the border closed by stones and trees. The idiots look at him. You come to the border. Tukoji asks why I can’t continue. The man says the route is closed, the trees have fallen because of the storm, and a dam is being built here. Tukoji says you don’t know me. The man says I don’t need to know you. Tukoji says remove that and let me go inside. The other villagers come. Tukoji sees them and says that you have conquered this area. The man says no, it’s because of Khanderao’s permission, get a written letter of permission from her. FB ends.

Tukoji says it never happened, something is wrong. Harku says Malhar is not here. Ahilya says they said you should get Khanderao’s written permission, come on, we’ll get it. Play painterao and mugdha. Malerao hears Gautama and Rakma speaking. He goes and hugs Gautama. She makes him go. She signs Rakma. She ignores Malerao. He hugs Rakma and asks for food. Gautama stops Rakma. He says I’m hungry, you’re acting like mom, what have I done. Gautama says you made mistakes, your mother is right, don’t complain about her, she tells you for your own good, she is hurt when she punishes you.

She asks why we give you food, you think you are adult, you can misbehave with elders, then go and take food yourself, we don’t give you food. Ahilya comes to Khanderao and Gunu ji to talk about Ratlaam. Khanderao says I talked about Malhar, the work has started, it will finish on time, am I correct in saying. Gunu ji says yes, everything is under control, I don’t know what Ahilya wants to say, I’m supervising the project. She says Tukoji was stopped at the Ratlaam border, he needs Khanderao’s written permission why. She asks Kanderao if he gave such an order. Gunu ji says I know no hurdle, I gave this command for the betterment of Rajya. She asks why, how is this supposed to get better, can you tell me. He says you know Ratlaam’s border is connected to the enemy state, when our palace was attacked enemy soldiers in disguise came, enemies will know about Ratlaam’s dam project, so I did that, Khanderao already stamped that order. Khanderao says I’m also worried about Ratlaam and his people, don’t worry, the people are content and happy.

Gunu ji shows his superiors’ newsletters. Ahilya checks it. He asks, do you not trust in Khanderao’s abilities, so you sent Tukoji. She asks him to think and speak well, kanderao is her husband and also chote subedaar, she can never doubt his abilities, it is adharm for her. Khanderao asks what was the reason, you didn’t do it right. She remembers not to tell anything about Malhar.

He asks Gunu ji to open the borders once the dam project is complete. He leaves. Tukoji says something is wrong. She says I know I’ll find out. She gets an idea.

Dwarka says I believe your real motive is something else, Ahilya. Tukoji and the men come in disguise to enter Ratlaam. You will not get an entry.

Update credit to: Amena

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