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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya and Malharrao take Maleraos help to wake up the warrior inside Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Nov 9, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Ahilya tells Khanderao that everything will be fine and that he will have to work hard like Babasaheb. Khanderao says how all this happens, what will change if I try, Dwarka Bai was right, I am damaged, now I am useless and leaves.
Khanderai goes to Ramzani and sees Malrao and yells and asks what are you doing here and why Ramzani allowed it. Ramzani says that I’m trying to tell him that he shouldn’t be here, but he doesn’t listen. Malrao says that when my father can, why not me? Khanderao says don’t compare yourself to me. Malrao says that Dada Saheb always says that a son does what his father does, so I won’t go. Khanderao says it’s time for your lessons. Malrao says that I don’t want to learn anything, I want to stay here and listen to Ramzani. Khanderao says that you are the future king of Malwa, you will not deny the weapon lesson, it is an insult. You also left Malarao. Khanderao says who told you this. Malrao says that everyone says this, you have changed, you prioritize and so I will do what you do and when we have an army, why should I learn? I will entertain myself.
Ramzani tells Khanderao that he will do what he sees you do. Khanderao says he’s fine, do what I do and I’ll go. Malarao begins to cry. Ramzani says don’t cry. Malharrao and Ahilya enter, Malharao hugs her and says that I upset my father.

Dwarka tells Gunuji, Malharao’s men are looking for the culprit and you want to leave me alone. Gunuji says that you told me to stay one day, and if I stay here any longer I’ll lose my respect.

Malharao tells Malharao that he helped his father and did not hurt him. Ahilya says that Malrao did the right thing and I hope that his Babasaheb gets inspiration from him. Malarao says that he will be fine. Ahilya says that he will. Malharao asks if there is any news about Nimaji. Ahilya says that we are still looking for him and if the traitor is from the inside. Malharao says it’s a good thing he’s easy to kill. Malharrao blesses Ramzani and leaves. Ahilya thanks Ramzani and leaves.

Dwarka and Gunuji see Khanderao walking around angry. Dwarka says that he looked different when he came back. Gunuji tells Sita that we have to stay. Sita says that you said that it is not good to stay long. Gunuji says that this is your house too, so he goes inside. Sita leaves. Khanderao goes to his weapons room and looks at all the weapons and armor and thinks about Malarao’s words. Khanderao sees himself talking to him about taking up the sword that he shouldn’t choose the weapon he is no longer capable of and also hears him say that he is a warrior and will never give up and the weakness in his mind is in . Khanderao struggles between his evil and his will.

Ahilya tells Malharrao that she is confident this trick will work and that the warrior from Khanderao will return after seeing his father’s results. Malharao says that he is right, it is a difficult journey, Ahilya says yes, it is about our directors and Khanderao will be risking his life, not his future. Malharao says that this is why Ahilya is different, no one understands Malva and Khanderao and I want Khanderao to regain his trust.

Ahilya, Malrao and Malharrao together. Malharrao says that I am worried, I don’t know how it will happen, as if he were giving an exam. Ahilya says you’ve seen her near her. Khanderao comes mounted on a horse.

Pre Cap: Malharao asks the chief guruji why he is here, the chief guruji says that when he was doing havan today he needed to be here.
Gunuji tells Dwarka that this will be Khanderao’s last battle.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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