Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Malharao tries to help Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Malharao tries to help Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Malharao tries to help Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Nov 7, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Khanderao tells Ahilya that my inner trust is broken. Ahilya says that a small incident will not play with your confidence, now come, everyone is waiting for you. Khanderao says I can’t. Ahilya says that you can’t say that you are the protector and hero of Malwa and you are also my hero and I don’t want you to screw it up. Muktabai walks in and hugs Khanderao and says that you are my hero too. Khanderao wakes up and says to let Ahilya go. Khanderao joins the meeting hand in hand with Mukta.

Malharrao says that Khanderao will execute the Delhi plan and I know he is upset about getting things back on track. Khanderao says sorry I can’t. Malharrao takes Khanderao’s hand and asks everyone to go with him and leave him alone.

Malharrao takes him to court and says that I have brought you here to tell you what your responsibilities are and to show you your strength today, you are not an ordinary man but ruler of Malwa and you decide with complete confidence. And you are my pride. I have given birth to a lion and when a lion is injured it never lasts a week. Khanderao says Babasaheb I understand what you are saying but my body has given up. Malharrao Your strength is in your mind, wake it up and I will help you wake up that power in your mind. This throne awaits you in the hope that you will not spoil it and leave.

Ahilya sees Khanderao alone. Malharrao enters with a sword and asks Khanderao to take the sword from him.

Gunuji tells Dwarka that all our dreams will come true now, but I am sad that my father is not there to see this day, but you seemed tense instead of happy. Dwarka says but Khanderao is alive. Gunuji says that the pain in Malharrao and Ahilya’s eyes will be our victory as he falls further and further and now you will further damage Khanderao’s sanity. Dwarka asks what I should do. Gunuji says that Khanderao has given up all hope and if he tries a bit, you’ll make sure he doesn’t.

Malharrao tells Khanderao that this sword is your identity, pick it up. Khanderao tries but he can’t and yells that I can’t. Ahilya goes to her, Malharrao stops her and tells her why you are here, you want to see how your husband gave up, how the future king of Malwa wants the world to know him as a loser, the fighter who was known for his bravery it did not. Leave. Khanderao says Babasaheb, save me. Malharrao says that you have to get up and save yourself, and Ahilya will have to retreat, Khanderao will have to fight for himself.

Mukta while playing with Malarao, Malarao says Mukta, this toy is not working now, what are we going to do now? Dwarka walks in and says that damaged toys are no good and therefore you have to stop playing with them. Mukta asks Dwarka if we should throw it away. Dwarka says put him aside and look at him but don’t play with him and now you two stay here I have to do something for your Babasaheb.

Dwarka asks the guard to remove all the swords from the room.

Malharrao tells Khanderao, Delhi is only a few days away and I want you to execute him. Malharrao tells Ahilya to take him and tell him that trouble brings him back but he has to jump more and I know my son will. Ahilya tells Khanderao to let go of him and leave. Malharrao believes that once my son is cured, I will find the mouse that tried to play with my son and sentence him to death.

Gunuji says baba sahib I will fulfill your wish and drink. His informant walks in and tells him that tomorrow there will be a weapons show for Khanderao. Gunuji asks him to spread the news that Khanderao can no longer fight.

Ahilya and Khandero go to her room, Ahilya asks her to go to the weapons room. Malrao and Mukta stop them and tell them that their room is very beautiful, come and see. Ahilya asks who did all this. Mukta says that Dwarka did this.

Purva Topi: Ahilya gives Dwarka a hammer and tells him to take his house and destroy it.
At the weapons show, Khanderao and the vendors tell him the news in the market that he can no longer fight.

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