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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Surajmal attacks Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with guards coming to Malhar saying that Peshwa is calling you. Ahilya comes to talk to Malhar and Khanderao. Malhar says Peshwa Sarkar called us, we’ll talk later. Khanderao asks him to accompany her. She thinks what to do now. Tukoji and Ramjani disguise themselves and enter the fort. She dances. He asks her to be careful. The guards stop them. He asks what’s special there. The guard says that the state of the canon is changing, that people are not allowed there. Khanderao questions the matter. Malhar says that Surajmal has sent a letter, he is ready to surrender. Ahilya says no, the matter is something else, he is trying to distract us, we should not believe this letter, he does not want to give up, he has a plan, I am right, we have entered the fort. movement. Shinde asks if you have any proof. Ahilya says that Tukoji has gone to find out, we will know the truth at night. Peshwa asks what do you think, we should judge this letter on the basis of doubt. Malhar and Shinde say that we should be careful and wait until night. Ahilya says yes, we have to keep an eye on the enemy, we have to stop the tunnel work until we get the information. Khanderao asks why this tunnel can help us, why are you afraid, if you are right, if Surajmal is planning against us, then we have the tunnel as a weapon, you said Tukoji. We’ll get the news, we’ll take care of it. Malhar says that Khanderao is right. Tukoji and Ramjani try to listen to Surajmal and Maan Singh. Man Singh says that if Khanderao comes, he will be killed by a cannonball. Tukoji says that we have to get closer to him and listen to him. He asks Ramjani to keep the knife in his hand. Surajmal says that Khanderao will come, but he will not come back alive, he will die. They hear this and are shocked.

Surajmal says that I asked Peshwa for two days, Khanderao will leave the fort in two days, I don’t want to do that, but Khanderao left no choice, he will definitely die. Tukoji and Ramjani leave. He says we have to go out, let’s go. The guard says that the door was locked, now the door will open in the morning. Tukoji says that we have to go to the village, let’s go. He pleads with them to at least allow Ramjani to go, leaving a little boy at home. The guard asks him to leave. Tukoji says please let us go, we have to go. Gautama, Parvati and Harku pray. Parvati asks if you allow me to stay here for a while. Gautama says today my heart is also restless, I will be too. Harku says that I will stay too. Ahilya waits for Tukoji and Ramjani. She prays for her well-being. She is going to apply sindoor. She checks the box. She says sindoor is over, I forgot to refill the sindoor box, what should I do now? She misses Ramjani. Khanderao says that if anyone asks about me, say that I was gone for a small job. He’s leaving. Ahilya finds the sindoor box in Ramjani’s room. She gets a box of vermilion. She takes it for granted. Tukoji and Ramjani come shouting. The vermilion box falls. Ahilya cries. He says your suspicion was correct, Surajmal is making a dangerous plan to kill Khanderao, we have to tell this to Khanderao soon, go and tell him, I will tell Malhar.

Come fall vermillion. Ramjani picks up the vermilion box and applies Tilak to Ahalya. Ahilya goes and asks about Khanderao. The guard says that he went to work. Ahilya prays for Khanderao. Malhar watches her run. Tukoji reaches Malhar and tells him everything. Khanderao and the workers are at the tunnel site. Khanderao asks the workers to be careful, one mistake may be the reason for his defeat. Ahilya runs towards Khanderao. Surajmal motioned for the man to load the cannon. He gets a fire extinguisher. The queens pray for Khanderao. Surajmal lights the cannon and smiles. The queens try to save Diya. Khanderao looks at Ahilya. Ahilya looks at him and smiles. The cannon hits the minefield with a fireball. Khanderao flies through the air and falls. Ahilya is surprised. The wind blows the lamp. The queens care.

Ahilya look. Malhar asks how he can do this by breaking the rules of war. He hears the sound of the cannon exploding. Ahilya sees the dead workers. She screams Khanderao. She sees Khanderao injured.

Khanderao says I can’t stay with you forever. He dies. Malhar, Ahilya and Tukoji cry for Khanderao.

Update Credits: Amina

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