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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Khanderao gets addicted to the drugs

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Sep 29, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Radha telling Ahilya about the zamindar’s torture. She remembers the torture and cries. She says that she has taken my house from me and left me defenseless. Ahilya cries. Radha says that she will kill me. Ahilya says that you will get justice, all those who are afraid of her will say, Goddess Jagdamba is coming today, she will kill the asuras before leaving. She makes a promise to Radha. Khanderao says that I am still recovering from my injuries. Neema asks him to take medicine and get stronger. Khanderao says I don’t want any drugs to win the match, I have faith in my abilities. Neema says that you can never beat me. Khanderao says bet, if I lose, I’ll have medicine. They both fight. Khanderao falls down. Neema apologizes. Khanderao says that it is a game, all players are equal, you have won the bet. Neema asks if I’m going to get the medicine.

Khanderao says yes. Gunu ji comes and brings a shawl for Khanderao. He says you lost to Neema. Khanderao says it’s a game, winning and losing goes on, did I say something wrong? Gunu ji says that you have lost time and time again to a fighter. Khanderao says that we should not win by position but by physical strength. Neema pours medicine into a glass. Radha says that I talked to the people of Patil, but it was no use. She remembers her husband and the other men killed. Ahilya asks Parvati to fix Radha in the slave quarters. Ahilya prayed to the goddess Aai. She says that we forget that the mentality of our own people is ruining us, thanks for helping us understand. Khanderao asks how can someone be angry, tell me. Gunu ji asks if I can ask you something. Khanderao says. Gunu ji asks him to think about taking her back to court. Khanderao says that Ahilya will decide on it.

Neema drank. Khanderao says that I will win the second round now, after I get this, I will get strength, try it. Gunu ji says no, this is real enjoyment. Khanderao says don’t refuse, take it. Gunuji drinks. Khanderao tells him to drink more. Neema worries. Khanderao asks him to see that Gunu ji is feeling dizzy now. Neema asks what happened. Gunu ji says that I feel dizzy, tell me some antidote soon. Neema says that there is no antidote, you have to endure it. Khanderao says that his wonderful herb, Neema ji, you will also give this medicine to Gunu ji. Neema gives it to him. Khanderao asked Gunu ji to take it. He also takes the medicine and leaves. Gunu ji asks what is this. Neema says that once a person is affected, they get used to it. Khanderao examines the medicine. Ahilya comes and stops him. He says that I was cured after taking this medicine. She asks why you want this. She says it’s a medicine. She says that Neema is not Vaidya, it is not right for you to trust her, it is not right to make a habit of any medicine. She says that I can’t do this, the reason is that it’s a secret. She asks what. He says it’s okay, if you say I won’t take this medicine again. He asks how you got here. She says that today we will have darshan of the Goddess. She goes. He sees the medicine.

Tukoji tells about the case of Lakhan and Radha. Ahilya worries when Radha is blamed.

Update Credits: Amena

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