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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Peshwa opposes Malhar’s decision

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28 Dec 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Rakma giving Kheer to Gangoba. He asks what the good news is. She asks, don’t you know? Malhar is going to announce Ahilya as the new ruler of Malwa, it is strange for a woman to rule Malwa, she is a widow. She makes fun of him. She worries and thinks about doing something. she laughs. The man says that Ahilya will find a way to capture our kingdom, we have to defeat her and show her that we will not follow any of the Holkars, I am the king here. Tukoji says that two provinces have revolted and declared themselves rulers. Ahilya asks what, our land has been divided, this cannot happen, they are not understanding that unity is our strength, today we will fight among ourselves and the outsiders will beat us, we have to do something and show our unity. she takes Malhar’s permission and starts this mission, we have to unite Malwa at all cost. He nods. Rakma stops Malerao and asks what if Ahilya knows that you are here. He asks what she will do, or scold or punish, what else does she know. Rakma says that Ahilya can run the kingdom, but she is a mother, she doesn’t know what will happen to the children. Gangoba says it will be good, it won’t be as you think, it’s good that you came to feed me kheer, just look what happens. He goes Ahilya says that I have to discuss some small things. Malhar says that we will always fight for Malwa, I will always serve Malwa when necessary, but now I am here to declare the heir to this throne, I declare Ahilya as the owner of this throne. Peshwa arrives and stops him. Malhar greets her and asks her to sit down. Peshwa says that you cannot give the throne to a widow, this is not acceptable to me.

He says that I respect you a lot, I accepted your decisions, but not this. Malhar asks him the reason. She says I’m calm, I’m fine, I’m trying to understand how we define a person’s potential, just because she’s a woman, that’s why she’s a widow too. Shinde says that you are deciding this in an emotional state, since she is your daughter-in-law. Malhar says yes, I am grateful to have such a daughter-in-law. Discuss with the Peshwa.

Peshwa says calm down, we all know Ahilya’s talent and bravery, I blessed her too, but ruling a province alone is another thing, she can’t make decisions alone, she needs your guidance, she didn’t face her grief. Ahilya apologizes for interfering, Khanderao and I stood up together, we were taught to stand firm and protect everyone, our personal loss never affected our duty, she never will. Peshwa says that it means that you too have decided this. She justifies herself.

Peshwa warns Malhar. Gangoba pacified the Peshwa. He asks Peshwa to eat and rest, they will discuss it later. Malhar says no, I have decided, I will retire, Ahilya will take my place. Gangoba asks Malhar to think once. Malhar worries. Gangoba says that Peshwa knows Ahilya’s abilities, admires her political decisions but won’t accept her as queen, Malhar will always be the king of Malwa for him. Ahilya says that if his thinking is right, then Malhar’s thinking is wrong. Gangoba asks if you are becoming selfish for the throne. Malhar says Gangoba. Gangoba says sorry. She says no, I’m not being selfish, this is just a perception, I’m just supporting Malhar’s thought, why a woman can’t handle status.

Malhar says no, I can’t do that. Ahilya says that we all trust you. She says I can’t do this. she prays

Update Credits: Amina

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