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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya tests Malerao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Jan 25, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ahilya saying that I know I’m being unfair to Malerao, forgive me if I’ve hurt myself, but I’ll take Malerao’s test, if he succeeds. If she leaves, I will allow this marriage. Malerao says that I am not going to give any exam. Malhar says that it is not the class where you will get grades, you have to take a test. Malerao tells Ahilya what to do. Ahilya says that this test is very easy, we will go to the temple during the day, there is a well nearby, you have to fill a pot and do goddess abhishek with that water, but I have one condition, if the water falls on the matka, then no you can refill the water in the pot, you have to reach the temple, understood, if the pot is empty by the time you reach the temple, you will fail.

Malerao says it’s something simple, I can do it easily. Malhar thinks that it’s not as easy as it seems, something is going on in Ahilya’s mind, you’d better understand soon. The guard fills the pot for Malerao. Malerao asks the guard to leave, he will take the utensils. Ahilya and everyone are in the temple. Ahilya prays. Malhar and Gautam smile. Malhar asks the guard where Malerao is. The guard says that Malerao asked us to leave. Malerao keeps the boat. He asks to see Ahilya. Ahilya says that this boat is empty, which means that Malerao has failed the exam. Malerao says that I failed the exam, now you refuse to marry me, I accept it.

Malhar asks why the ship is empty, it was an easy task for you. Malerao says that this test was not difficult, I drew water from a well, I was coming here… FB shows Malerao an old man asking for water. The old man says give me water, I can’t go to the well. Malerao gives the old man water. The old man blesses him. fb finished. Malerao says that I gave that old man water, he was thirsty. People praise Malerao. Malhar says you did a good job, what about the remaining water? Malerao says that when I came here the boat became lighter, I met another person who cried a lot. FB shows Malerao asking the man why he is crying. The man says that I am unlucky, my son is sick, the pundit asked me to bring water from the well to do the puja, I tripped and the water fell, how will the puja be now? Malerao says that the well is close, go and fill water. The man says no, the expert said that worship can be done by drinking water at once, what can be done? Malerao says: I am Malerao Holkar, the future king of Malwa. The man begs for help. Malerao helps her. fb finished. They all smile.

Malhar says that I am very pleased with your behaviour. Harku says you did good things, now your mommy…. Ahilya says that Malerao has passed the exam. Malerao smiled. She calls those men. Malerao is surprised. She says that the true test of Malerao was to see if she would give up her own needs and help the poor, I sent her through Malerao. Gautam says that Malerao has passed your exam, that’s fine. Ahilya asks if you met someone on the way who asked you to help these two men. Malhar says that Malerao has done a commendable job. Gautam and everyone sides with Malerao. Appa Saheb says that he has passed the test, in this day and age everyone makes mischief, now we don’t have any problem with this marriage. Malhar asks Ahilya to allow it without any hesitation. Ahilya thinks about Malerao’s mistakes.

Malerao seizes the government from Ahilya and says that I will take the throne, it is my right.

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