Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya asks Ramzani for favour

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya asks Ramzani for favour

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya asks Ramzani for favour

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Nov 14, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Parvati sees her kumkum and then puts it on and prays to the Lord to take care of Khanderao. Mukta and Malrao run into Parvati while playing and Kumkum falls but Ahilya catches her. Ahilya tells Mukta to be careful when playing. Mukta pointed towards Malrao. Ahilya asks them to go out and play. Parvati tells Ahilya that she is very scared. Ahilya says look I’ve saved, don’t be afraid. Pavitra says that I am scared and I think something bad is going to happen. Ahilya stops him and sees Mukta and Malarao and tells them that they are both still here, go see if Khanderao is ready and meet him before he leaves. Pavitra says that I can go with Khanderao. Ahilya says that if you leave, she will have to take care of you too. Parvati says that she won’t let you too, she must have someone to take care of him. Ahilya says that our entire troop is there for her and now stop crying and meet her.

Malharao prepares Khanderao and says that I always helped you prepare when you will participate in some competition and today you are going to the most important war and one more Delhi Badshah and then Suraj Mal, Khanderao says that I know and I will win. Malharao says that I know, but in that war, you must cross all the obstacles that will help you reach the subedar throne. Khanderao says yes. Malharao says that we will all be waiting for you, come back with the victory and I couldn’t give time either and I was strict as I was the subedar chief and if you ever felt strange, then I want to apologize. Khanderao hugs her through tears and tells her never, you have given me so much love, I have no complaints with you.
Malharao says go get your victory and then I’ll sit on the throne and retire happy. Khanderao says I promise I won’t let you down and accepts his blessings. Malharao hugs her. Mukta and Malarao see them. Malharao says to look who’s here and asks them to go meet Khanderao. Mukta tells Khanderao, what did Dadasahev tell you? Khanderao says that he said that I am a very good boy like you two and hugs him

Khanderao sees that the children are upset and asks what’s wrong. Mukta says please don’t go. Khanderao asks why this is so. Malrao says we don’t like living without you. Khanderao says that Malrao knows the importance of this war. Mukta says that Parvati was saying Aai. Malrao says yes, she was saying that when you are scared then you shouldn’t do this and we are scared too. Mukta says yes, he is right. Khanderao asks if he trusts his father and his sword. Mukta and Malrao say yes. Khanderao says. Why fear, rest assured that your father will return with victory.

Ahilya looks at Kumkum, little Aai asks what’s wrong. Ahilya says that she is afraid of Kulguruji and today for the first time she did not let go of Khanderao. Ojito says calm down, I understand your feelings but don’t worry. Ahilya says today as a wife I don’t want Khanderao to go but as well I can’t stop him or go with him and we all know Khanderao’s anger and we calm him down many times He needs to think and he needs someone to help calm him down

Mansingh meets Gunuji, Gunuji says why are you here. Mansingh says that Suraj Mal wants all the information about the war. Gunuji says that he has kept the whole plan a secret. Mansingh says then you are of no use to us, Gunuji says I can’t do anything to make Khanderao doubt. Mansingh gives Shik some soldiers and tells him to add him to the Khanderao army and he will listen to his orders and report back to me and now prepare for the final battle of Khanderao.

Choti Aai tells Ahilya that your faith and faith will be with Khanderao, give him something to remind him of you and make him feel that you are close to him and now let’s go, it’s time for Khanderao to go.

Gautam performed the Khanderao aarti. Khanderao asks why you are shedding tears. She smiles at him and tells him to come back victorious. Khanderao took the blessings of Malharao. Malharao tells them that the victory of Delhi Badshah is ours and once the work in Poona is finished I will join you. Khanderao says that won’t be necessary. Gunuji believes that no blessing will work this time.

Through tears, Parvati tells Khanderao to take care, I will pray for your victory. Khanderao says that you should also be careful and ask where Ahilya is.
Indumati asks Ramzani why she is not ready. Ramzani says that there will be no show until Khanderao returns safely. Indumati says this is not good for you. Ramzani says leave me alone and I’ll do anything for Khanderao. Indumati leaves. Ahilya comes in and says that I am here to give you something with confidence and that I will take care of her and give her kumkum. Ramadan confused. Ahilya says that Khanderao is leaving and I want you to stay with him.

Pre Cap: While arguing with a soldier, Ahilya approaches him and tells him that Ramzani has sent him something and cut his throat.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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