Poonam Pandey’s husband Sam Bombay reacts to the allegations leveled by her

Poonam Pandey’s husband Sam Bombay reacts to the allegations leveled by her

Poonam Pandey’s husband Sam Bombay reacts to the allegations leveled by her

In one of the recent episodes of Lock Up, Poonam Pandey made some serious allegations against her estranged husband Sam Bombay. Poonam told that Sam used to beat her so much that she also had brain haemorrhage.

Now Sam reacted to her allegations in an interview with BT, where he shared, “Our marriage has been beautiful and that’s the only thing I can remember. There are times when it’s just 10 percent not good in a relationship.” Happens. Unfortunately, everyone wants to focus on that imperfect 10 percent. I took Saat Phere with her seriously. Whatever Poonam is saying is sad, unnecessary and useless. She news without talking Because she likes to be in the news.

When asked about Poonam’s allegations of domestic violence, Sam said, “I ask you what is domestic violence (DV). Is it physical, verbal, emotional, psychological or mental? There are so many things here. Lakhs. Men are victims and they have no way out. A woman makes a call and the police will nab the man and take him into custody. But I have to go to the police 20 times and still they won’t do anything. what can I say?”

He continued, “Let me tell you that he has accused me of molestation and sexual assault on our honeymoon. And, it happened within a week of our marriage. The FIR was lodged. A few days later, he returned me. Called and said molestation is a big word and she had no idea what molestation is. It is beyond my understanding how anyone can be accused of molestation on her honeymoon. Later, she withdrew the charge. As in That I said, no one will believe the man; it doesn’t matter what he says.”

When asked if he would go inside the lock up show, he said, “I prefer to be behind the camera. But in this case, I will. More people will see if I go.”

When asked if they can get back together, he said, “No, we both have too much ego. And, there is a problem. My wife has all the qualities except loyalty. So till and till.” I don’t get that. Loyalty is the basis of any relationship. Without loyalty, there’s no trust and honesty, and then there’s failure. Good guys don’t make it. You have to be a bad boy. That’s how you survive Has she ever complained about me cheating on someone? I have had many relationships with celebrities bigger than Poonam. Has anyone accused me of assault? Never. Was Poonam assaulted by other people? Alleged? Yes. So there is a pattern here. And this is what the police told me; I had no idea about it.”

He concluded by saying, “I married Poonam because she told me that no one will marry the avatar she has created for herself. But then, why is she talking about me in the show? It’s because She wants me to know that she is thinking of me. We both know about each other because we are still madly in love with each other.”

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