Pishachini 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Maha Pishach targets Rajput family member

Pishachini 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Maha Pishach targets Rajput family member

Pishachini 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Maha Pishach targets Rajput family member

Pishachini Nov 7, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode begins with Pavitra sensing that someone is after her. Shikha runs through the forest and calls out to Veer. She hears dangerous thunder as Veer follows her in super vampire form. She runs to help. Hearing her voice, they all run towards him. Shikha clashes with Veer, who now has a human avatar. She hugs him and cries. She says that she got scared hearing the alarming voice and asks if she is okay. She says that she felt at peace seeing him safe. Rocky, Pavitra and others come there. They ask what they were doing in the woods. Shikha tells them all that she had come to the forest looking for him. Veer says that he too heard a dangerous voice and came looking for Shikha. Pavitra says we’ll think about her voice and get out of here.

The queen is in the vampire world and the vampires make fun of her, explaining that there is no place for her in the vampire look. They ask him to leave her and they exploit him. This is the queen’s dream, she is still tied to the tree and thinks that she has to do something to be free. Sapna tells Rocky and the others not to go out again. She tells Veer that she was right that they won’t go out on Diwali night. Vidya is about to tell them about finding the deer bone, but Sanchit stops her. Sapna says that they will celebrate Bhai Dooj tomorrow and says that there is no danger inside. Pavitra has hope. Vidya asks Sanchit why she stopped him and he tells her that nothing is okay. Sanchit says that maybe some wild animal hunts the animal and leaves. Pavitra says that it was a magical creature. She shows the big nail. Rocky asks where you got this from. Pavitra says it’s from that magical creature that came to our door. Veer reaches Grandpa. Dada ji says that everything is happening according to your plan. Veer asks him to stay in the cage for now. Dada ji asks what to do about Rani. Veer tells Rani that he can’t hurt her, his game is over. He says that he is the great vampire and very powerful. He came for 2 days, and then he would hit the mark when the green star appeared in the sky. He says that he already found his victim that he is already in this house. Grandpa asks who he is. Hero laughed.

Everyone prepares to celebrate Bhai Dooj. Shika is ready. Sapna is glad to see him. Rocky tells Pavitra that they have done the greatest things. Pavitra says that she didn’t even know about the nail in Nanu’s book. She says that she will take the help of wildlife experts. Rocky says we’ll leave it here. Pavitra says that he believes the danger is with her and says who the danger could be. She feels that someone is standing and turning. Veer stands and looks at Pavitra. He turns his face away. Sapna says that we will begin the ritual. Pavitra asks about Rocky’s father. Manohar says that he went with his famous sister. Sapna says that he will come after 2 days. Babli asks where Vidya is. Vidya is walking through the woods when he sees a bicycle outside. He thinks the queen might have hunted someone. He thinks to alert Pavitra. The queen calls Vidya and tells her to worry about the trouble they are causing them. Vidya says that unless he’s tied up, we’re not in any danger. Rani says I’m tied here, but all of you must have heard her roar yesterday. Vidya says it was from an animal. Pavitra says not to talk like children, it was not about animals but about someone. Vidya asked from whom? Pavitra tells the hunter that he came to hunt big, and he’s wandering around your house. He then explains that the hunter he is talking about is much stronger than her and that humans like to eat carrots and radishes. Vidya gets scared and runs away. Rani says to stop, only I can save you all. She asks him to release her.

Vidya comes home. Shikha and Vidya perform Bhai Dooj rituals along with Rocky and Sanchit. They all dance to the song. Vidya departs from there. Pavitra looks for him while she dances. Vidya calls Naashak and plans to take the call. Veer’s hand touches Pavitra and she feels a spark. she sees him.

Precap will be added later.

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