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Pishachini 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra expresses her love for Rocky

Pishachini Sep 29, 2022 Episode Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Rocky chooses the urn himself. Vidya brings Aarti. He smiles. He comes with accumulated sweets. They all enter the house of the saint. Pavitra and Rocky enter the house together. She performs all the rituals. Pavitra touched Sanchit’s feet. She says here that only you are my eldest. I will win everyone’s heart. They say your steps will bring blessings to this house. I have a new sister today. Welcome to the Rajput family. Rocky hugs her and says thank you. Shikha sees them and remembers her moments with her brothers. Vidya says that he wishes Shikha was with us too. Amrita asks what are you watching? Shikha says that she used to share all the happiness with my brothers. I feel very alone now. Amrita says what did you get with them? Rani changed your life. She can give you everything.

Vidya takes Pavitra to her room. It’s all decorated. She asks how is it? Sanchit says that what happened with Rani was wrong, but I’m glad you listened to your heart. She saved the lives of three people. They go. Pavitra thanks Rocky for trusting her and supporting her in front of everyone. She says I didn’t have time to explain anything. She says we have all the time. Tell me what happened.

scene 2
Sapna apologizes to Rani and says that we are very sorry. Rani says that I told you that Pavitra loves him. But why hasn’t Rocky shown that he loves her? I will not come between them. Manohar says that he never said that. Rocky asks Pavitra why she didn’t tell him that she wanted to marry him when she asked him to. She only cared about his mission. He says then how did I get in your way? How do we get married? Why did you come to that pavilion and make this decision? Pavitra says that my answer was incomplete. I knew my destination but I did not know the way. He didn’t want you to marry Rani because he’s a vampire. Rocky says again. Pavitra says more than this that he didn’t want you to marry Rani. I know he wanted it. I know you are my destiny. You are my Love. Your happiness and security is my mission. I want to be your life partner. Pavitra says that I know it won’t be easy. everybody hates me. It won’t be easy for them to forgive me. Rocky says don’t worry they’ll forgive you and accept you.

Sudhakar says that I will never forgive or accept them. If Rocky was with us, this Pavitra would be in jail. He tells Rani that you are not alone. You are our daughter now. you’re not going anywhere Sapna says you’re staying here as our daughter. The queen pretends to cry.

scene 3
Pavitra asks Rocky what are you thinking? He says I’m trying to figure out if it’s a dream sequence or a joke. She says that only you can make those jokes. She says that you said that I am your love and your destiny. And I’m your everything, can’t you live without me? He approaches her. Pavitra says you’re adding things. I want to sleep Rocky lay on the bed. She says go to sleep. She says this is your bed. She says it’s yours now too. You said you would share everything with me. Pavitra says that you are very childish and irritable. She says I’ll sleep in my bed. You decide for yourself. Pavitra divides the bed and falls asleep on it. She says you’re sleeping in my bed. She says this is mine too now. She says that soon there will be no division between us. She says it sounds like a dream sequence or a joke. They both smile.

scene 4
Dadu, Amrita and Prateek come to the forest as vampires. The sky is all red. Amrita says that she is angry. Pavitra sees lightning outside.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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