Pishachini 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra wins against Pishachini

Pishachini 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra wins against Pishachini

Pishachini 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra wins against Pishachini

Pishachini Sep 28, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Rocky says I’m responsible for this. This was my idea. Pavitra tells Rocky, believe me if you think there is a link between us. Rocky says to be mad at me, not him. Sapna says no… you can’t do this. Where is the queen? Did you talk to her? Babli goes in search of Rani. The vampire has been locked up in the forest by the monkeys. Sapna says that this girl has done this. Sapna says that she herself fell into the well to stop the marriage. Sudhakar says that you chose Rani and then married this girl? Sapna says that this is all her plan. Manohar tells Rocky how you knew Pavitra is in trouble and ran to the well. Sapna says why did you make this sacred? Prateek says this is not correct. Why did you have it in your house? he took the queen’s place. Sapna says that Amrita is right. We considered you family and we did too. Rocky says please try to understand. Sudhakar says you always do your thing and humiliate us. Sanchit says why didn’t you tell me Rocky? Sudhakar says you talked to Rani? Where is he?

Pishachini walks in and says I’m here. Sapna hugs him, Rani cries. Sapna says are you alright? we are very sorry. Shikha says that she was locked in her room and someone stole her wedding dress. Sudhakar asks Pavitra why you did this. Pavitra says that I will tell the truth at the right time. I will get the truth. I have done this for your safety. I did it for this family. Sapna says shut up. We don’t want to see your face. We will never accept you. leave this house. Rocky takes Pavitra’s hand. He says that Pavitra is my wife. Everyone is surprised. Rocky says that no one can change that truth. The queen leaves crying.

scene 2
The queen burns the forest in anger. Mendy comes there. He tells Rani to calm down. Pavitra comes there. the queen says Pavitra says you were expecting Rocky? Enough has happened but your pride is not over? That family is blessed by God. Rani says you don’t know what you’ve done. Pavitra says I won’t let you harm my family. I am DIL from Rajput family. You lost on the last ball. Pishachini says that it is too early to celebrate his victory. Pavitra leaves.

Nikita calls Pavitra from her phone. She sees the symbol. She says how can we talk to my daughter? Amrita says that she thinks we’re dead. How can we talk to him? Prateek says we thought we’d give Nikita a better life, but now we have to stay away from her. Amrita says that if she calls anyone else, they’ll know we’re dead.

scene 3
Pavitra and Rocky enter the house. Vidya prepares the entrance to her house. She says that she prepared it as much as she could. Sanchit helps him. Sapna says that we do not accept this marriage. Why would we enter her house? Babli says that we have to perform rituals. They got married, that’s the truth. They are husband and wife. The queen cries. Sapna says that I will not do this aarti. You can do what you want. She leaves the city.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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