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Pishachini 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rocky says yes for Rani

Pishachini Aug 26, 2022 Episode Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Pavitra thinks about Rocky’s proposal. Rocky is coming… Pavitra says for him to get out of here before looking. He asks who. She says, Queen. Does he say you’re jealous? Grandpa is in her room. He says I couldn’t stop him from coming here. They come to Babuji and tell him that he too has an offer for Rocky. They want to marry their youngest daughter to Rocky. She is wonderful. Sapna says they are very nice girls. Babli says the maid dropped something and she says should I help you Babu? Babuji remembers Pishachini talking like this. Rocky asks Pavitra why you look upset. She says I’m not. She says your eyes see the truth. She says your eyes are somewhere else. He sees her. why are you here? She left. Babuji tries to say something. Sudhakar says let’s meet the family. Manohar gives him water.

Rocky says it’s not what you think. She says why were you looking at her? She says that she surprised me. The Queen is beautiful. She is very smart… I mean. No, she says you can do whatever you want. She left. Rani stops Shikha and says that you are mine now. You can’t go anywhere. She tells the girl’s family members to make her happy. Babli says that Babu ji is very happy. They go down. Pishachini prepares the family and tells them to keep smiling. They all go down.

scene 2
Pavitra tells her aunt that I am safe here. I’m just having fun here. See Rocky coming. She pretends to be busy. Rocky says can I come in? wanted to talk Sapna says that she is the queen. Babu ji sees it. He is shocked. The vampire says hello. Rocky says I won’t say yes to the first girl. Rani ji is very nice. I can find a better girl from abroad. So the decision is final. I wouldn’t say that. She says I’m not interested. She says I’m interested. am i doing right? She says this is your life, your decision. Sapna says that Babu ji is very happy. He will make the final decision. Babli says that babu ji tells us. This is the glacier and this is the queen. Himani touched her feet. The woman asks Rani to touch her feet as well.

stony leaves. The vampire touched his feet. He throws vermilion at her. His true face appears. No one looks because he has his back to everyone. Rocky arrives. Shikha stands between him and Rani so she doesn’t see his face. She gives him juice. The vampire regains his normal face. Babli says that babu ji has given him blessings. Rocky drinks juice. Manohar says that both marriages are fixed. Rocky says that he is not the only one. Nobody asked me. Sapna says we can discuss this later. What’s the use of arguing afterwards when everything’s settled, she says? They are our family and we can say anything in front of them. Sudhakar says Rocky. This decision is right for you. Babuji has given his blessings to the queen. She says that I also have some rights. You know I have an opinion too. It’s about my life. Pavitra is also standing there. She tells me she propose me, who do you want to make my wife and your little DIL. I accept it Pavitra is surprised. Grandpa is also surprised.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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