Parineeti July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Both Pari and Neeti gear up for Sangeet

Parineeti July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Both Pari and Neeti gear up for Sangeet

Parineeti July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Both Pari and Neeti gear up for Sangeet

Parineeti July 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Neeti asks what do you think? He says I was like what are you going to wear tonight? She says you care so much about me. The husband doesn’t care. In his heart he says yes, I’m different, I have two wives. Pari is with Natascha. Natasha says come to my sangeet for a while. Pari says I have to go with my husband but I’ll try. Natasha goes. Rajiv sees par. He drives fast. Neeti says Pari. He says who? She says to stop the car. He says we’re going to be late. Call her, we can’t stop. Neeti calls Pari and asks where you are?? She says if I get saree for the sangeet I have to go with him. He says Rajiv takes care of what you want too. He’s like Sanju. Rajiv says he is Sanju. Rajiv says in his heart that I have to stop Pari from going there. Natasha gets run over by a truck. Pari saves her. She says are you alright? She gives her water. Natasha says thank you for saving my life. Now you must come to my sangeet. Pari says I will.

Neeti says I’m so tired. Rajiv says so we don’t go to the sangeet? Neeti says how can we miss your friend’s sangeet. You fought for it with your wife. He says I didn’t get angry. You are my life. She says I have to choose the dress. Which one should I wear? He says I want you to wear a saree. she say what No, I can’t wear a sari. Pari says if you asked me to wear a saree I will wear it. Rajvi says this color will suit you. Wear this black saree. She says it’s going to be expensive for you. He says I’ll do anything you ask. She says you will stay here for a few days, day and night. He says how is that possible? My family doesn’t know about us. What am I going to tell them? Don’t act like traditional wives who want their husbands in front of them all the time.

Pari says I may not be modern and very outgoing, but I love you very much. I will love you until I see you cheating on me. I hope my doubts are not true. Neeti says you convince me so easily. He says let’s get ready. Neeti says help me with this saree. Pari says to get ready. He shouldn’t feel like he married a girl who doesn’t know anything, but I don’t know how to wear a saree. I should search the internet. Rajiv makes Neeti wear her saree. Neeti says don’t tickle me. He pulls her to him. Rajiv kisses her. Pari tries to wear a saree. She wonders where Rajiv is. Neeti says we’re going to be late. He says we don’t miss a flight. She says there’s a time for everything. The saree lasted all the time. He says yes, it’s my fault. She says help me choose the jewelry. Rajiv selects her earrings. He says you look so pretty. He lets her wear her necklace. Pari can’t tie her necklace either. Rajiv helps Neeti lock her necklace. Pari imagines Rajiv helping her with the blouse and saying that you look so pretty. I am very lucky that you are my wife. She realizes that Rajiv is not there. Paris looks around.

scene 2
Rajiv comes home. Mishika says look, I married Rajiv and Pari doll. Rajiv says to Chandrika keep entertaining her, I have to go somewhere. Paris is ready. Rajiv walks in the room he says oh no she ready to go. Pari says you’re late. Rajiv says yes, I had a job. Pari says get ready. Rajiv says you look very pretty. She says thank you. She says I have this saree especially I thought if you would like it. He says I wanted to say… Pari says get ready, I’ll iron your shirt. He says in his heart how do I tell her I’m going with Neeti?

Neeti says how am I supposed to stay in this saree for so long. She calls Pari and says Sanju forced me to wear a saree. Pari says I wear sari too, Rajiv said. Neeti tells why they all like saree. Pari says can’t we do this for our husbands? She says you’re so emotional. Keep an eye on Rajiv. Pari says I will. Sanju asks Neeti are you ready? He says I’ll come in for a moment. I love you Jan. Pari hears it.

episode ends

Update credit to: Atiba

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