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Parineeti July 23, 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineeti July 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Pari says what are you doing here? Rajiv leaves and starts pretending to welcome people. Rajiv calls Monty. He says are you having a good time? Rajiv says Pari is here. I think she saw me with Neeti. Monty says she’ll scream when she finds out. Rajiv says check my white shirt in my room. Monty says there’s a lipstick stain on it. Rajiv panics and says please do something. Monty says tell Pari she has to go. Neeti will not go.

Chandrika says I need to make noodles for Mishika. Simi says it’s not a hotel. Chandrika says stop being so rude, calm your mind. I give you a book. Simi says I’ll see how you make noodles for her now. Chandrika says with all her heart that I should ask Pari to bring it.

Rajiv says to Neeti I need to talk to you. She says why are you so tense like I caught you in the act. He says I’m unwell, I ate spicy food. Neeti says why did you get scared? He says let’s go before anyone sees. She says I’m your wife, it doesn’t matter. He says I’ll always be yours. Rajiv sees Pari coming there. Pari is looking for Rajiv outside. The woman asks Pari, did you find Rajiv? she says yes She brings in Pari.

scene 2
The host says only 2 people will have the same number and that will be the pair made in heaven. Pari opens her chit. Kavita says your pair is made of God. I’m sure it will agree with Rajiv. The host announces the number. It’s Sanjus. Rajiv goes on stage. Kavita tells Pari it’s the same number as yours. Neeti gets a call. she goes out Neeti sees Kavita. Neeti tells Sanju our number should have matched. The waiter spills juice on her saree. Neeti goes to the washroom. Kavita says this is her note. The moderator asks Rajiv and Pari to come on stage.

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Update credit to: Atiba

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