Parineeti 27 April 2022 written episode update

Parineeti 27 April 2022 written episode update

Parineeti 27 April 2022 written episode update

Parineeti 27 April 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Rajeev is on the other side of the room and tells Pari that he and Neeti are with him. Pari leaves from there and brings the rope to Neeti. Neeti tied her to the chair and the driver got scared. Pari says we should hand her over to police. Neeti says they will not do anything, she asks Pari to slap her hard so that she never molests other girl. Pari says I cannot do this. Neeti asks Pari to show bravery, you lost your husband’s address because of that, he wanted to molest me too. Pari gets angry and slaps him, she keeps slapping him. Pari cries and tells Neeti that I am away from Rajiv because of her. Niti hugs him. Driver says please let me go now. Neeti asks her to confess everything in front of the police otherwise her lover will not leave her as he works in the underworld. Driver is scared and says I am ready to do anything. Neeti records her video and he confesses to trying to molest Pari. Pari sees Neeti and remembers how she always helped her. Inspector reaches there. Somebody else brings Rajiv out of the room. The inspector checks his video confession. Neeti asks Rajiv to check on Pari. She has locked herself in the washroom and is crying. Rajiv says please don’t cry, come and give your statement to police. I know you are crying but don’t worry, your bad times are over, you need not fear because Neeti and I are with you. Niti will not like it when she finds out that you are crying. He leaves from there. Neeti comes there and takes Pari with her.

Gurpreet reaches Gurvinder’s house and asks where is his Parineet? Gurvinder says I don’t know. Gurpreet says you should ask Rajiv, he is in Chandigarh with him. Dadi comes there and she is not in Chandigarh. Gurpreet says then where is my Pari? Gurvinder takes Dadi aside and tells her to shut up. Gurpreet asks where is my Pari? Grandma leaves from there. Gurpreet asks Gurvinder to call Rajiv and ask about Pari.

The inspector is trying to arrest the driver but he pushes them and runs away. Rajeev runs after her and catches her. Inspector asks him to come to the police station, he says I am coming. He calls Neeti and asks her to come and talk to her. Neeti sees Pari hurting her leg and gives her first aid. Rajiv waits for Neeti outside the house. Neeti goes to him and asks what happened? Rajeev hugs her tightly and says I was feeling something strange.

Gurvinder tells Gurpreet that I will go and call Rajiv.

update in progress

Update Credits: Atiba

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