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Parineeti 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari shouts at Neeti for the first time

Parineeti Jan 24, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Gurpreet asks Babli if he likes Rajeev’s brother. Babli says that he is a fool.

Vishal approaches Rajeev and tells him not to call me again for all this. Rajeev says that he is sorry for calling you. Vishal says that I am ashamed to think that I am helping a person who is lying to his 2 wives and his grandmother. I am ashamed to know that I have a poor friend like you. Pari reaches there and tells him to stop, Vishal. I thank you for helping us but do not insult them, this is our personal matter. Vishal sighs and tells Rajeev how lucky you are, you have done him so much wrong, but still she is on your side, she has sacrificial love for you. I can’t believe you fell in love with Neeti and not her, I don’t know how. Rajeev says that I am lying because Neeti is pregnant and I don’t want to hurt her. Vishal says but you are making things worse you are not improving anything by lying to your pregnant wife and lying to your bji have some shame. I ask you not to contact me again. He apologizes to Pari and says that I hope you have a loving husband that you deserve, but I can’t help you now, he leaves. Neeti reaches there and asks what is going on. Rajeev fought with Pari and left? I’ll go and talk to him. Pari tells Rajiv that he will go after them and control Vishal. She goes after them.

Beeji tells Pami that lohri was fine today but next year we will have Rajeev and Pari’s baby as well. Chandrika gets there and massages her feet. Biji asks her to think about having a child too. Pami says that she is obsessed with a child, is it because of her old age? Biji asks him to stop thinking.

Vishal leaves but Neeti approaches him and says that if there is any problem then we can talk. Visha is angry and says that I am not mistaken, he is your husband. Pari reaches there and asks Neeti to come inside. Neeti says no, he said something against Sanju that I can’t ignore. Vishal says that now she is protecting that man, he asks Pari why she can’t tell him the truth. Pari asks Neeti to come in and asks Vishal to leave. Why is Niti screaming? He is your husband, he cannot leave you alone because of some problems. Vishal asks Neeti and Pari to stop following him, I want to be alone so please leave me alone. Neeti yells that you are acting like Pari is a burden to you, she is your wife. Vishal says they forced me. Politics screams is it forceful? Pari yells at them to stop. She tells Niti that if I’m telling you to let him go then listen to me, he’s my husband so you better stay out of all this. Neeti looks at Vishal and says that my best friend yelled today because of you and I can’t tolerate anyone coming between me and Pari, she walks away angrily. Pari asks Vishal for forgiveness and goes after Neeti. Vishal says I don’t need to give any explanation, just go away.

Pari goes to Neeti and tells her that I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Neeti says that she was just trying to save your marriage. Pari thinks but this will break her marriage. Pari says I’m sorry about all that. Neeti says don’t apologize, if you don’t want me to interfere between you and Rajeev then I won’t do it anymore. Neeti turns around to see Vishal meeting a woman. He kisses her forehead. Neeti is shocked and thinks what is Rajeev doing? Vishal takes the girl and leaves from there. Neeti thinks I can’t tell Pari anything until she has proof. She asks Pari if she knows how he is Rajeev’s best friend. Pari says I never got a chance to ask her because we couldn’t spend a lot of time together. Neeti thinks Rajeev is smart but I don’t want any discord between me and Pari because of him. Rajeev reaches there and asks if everything is alright. Pari says yes. Rajeev takes Neeti’s hand and says that I will take care of you because you must be tired. Pari hurts and leaves. Rajeev feels that he shouldn’t have said all this in front of Pari.

Pari says to herself why did I get mad at Neeti? She shouldn’t have done that. Pari says that she is doing all this for my happiness, she is my best friend and she is pregnant, I shouldn’t have yelled at her like that. I’ve hurt her, she cries and says I shouldn’t have done that. I am lying to my best friend everyday but I can’t hurt her, I am risking my friendship to keep Rajeev and Neeti safe. I’m cheating on her.

Neeti feels hurt and says that she can’t even remember the last time Pari yelled at me, she just wanted to solve her problems for her happiness. We say anything when we’re angry, but sometimes we tell the truth and sometimes we just talk nonsense. Pari took her anger out on me because she was overreacting, I don’t care if Pari yells at me. Neeti says that Rajeev is cheating on her, I will find out who was that girl with Rajeev/Vishal. Rajeev reaches there and asks Neeti what she is thinking of her. She doesn’t say anything and leaves. Rajeev calls Pari and asks her if anything happened to her earlier. Pari tells him everything and she cries, she says that I yelled at Neeti so please de she talk to her and see if he is alright. He ends the call. Neeti reaches there and Rajeev asks if she is alright. She said yes. Rajeev says Pari said something? i can feel it Neeti says that she just wanted to patch things up between Pari and Rajeev but he overreacted, I don’t care about her overreaction but I think it happened because of someone else. Rajeev says that’s why I tell you not to meddle in other matters. They will reconcile but he will hold a grudge against you. Neeti says you’re right, I’m overprotective of Pari, she’s mature enough to know what’s best for her, but I won’t shut up if someone tries to do something bad to her. Rajeev says that she is fine, that she just got sleepy. Neeti lies down and Rajeev hugs her.

Gurpreet says that I want to talk to Pari but I don’t want to disturb Rajeev. He should ask Pari to come to the guest room and Rajeev will understand. He should go to her room and ask. He is about to knock on the door and he thinks that I shouldn’t bother them.. I want to talk to Pari but I don’t want to disturb them. She knocks on Rajeev and Neeti’s room. Babli reaches there and is shocked. Rajiv wakes up and is about to open the door, but Babli arrives and asks Gurpreet what is he doing here. She says that I want to talk to Pari but they don’t open the door. Rajeev is inside and he hears all that. Neeti wakes up and asks Sanju why he is standing there. Rajeev got scared.

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Update Credits: Atiba

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