Parineeti 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari to fast for karva chauth

Parineeti 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari to fast for karva chauth

Parineeti 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari to fast for karva chauth

Parineeti Oct 14, 2022 Written episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written update

scene 1
Chandrika gives everyone tea. The angel is silent. Chandrika asks what happened. Pami asks what happened. The angel says nothing. Pami says I know you’re worried about Karva chauth. will you fast What does Mohini say? Chandrika says that this is your first Karva Chauth after marriage. Pari says what marriage? Where did my husband leave me for months and then cheat on me? Chandrika says but it is for the long life of her husband. Pari says that she considers Neeti to be his wife. I can’t fool politics. Pami says you’re Rajiv’s wife. Pari says we have to split up. I can’t get between Neeti and Rajiv. Rajeev doesn’t love me but at least he loves Neeti with all her heart. How will my fast break instead of politics? I have no rights to this. Simi says yes, who will I give water to first? Pami says shut up. Simi says that one of them can fast, it is Neeti. Pari says that I don’t want to bother Rajiv now. I will go today. Where is your name Pami? You can’t go to Barnala. Pari says wherever, but I don’t want to come between Neeti and Rajiv.

scene 2
Neeti tells her mother that I know all the rituals. I will fast for Sanju. I am very lucky that he is my best friend and husband, so I will definitely fast. Pari comes there. He says that he came to say goodbye. I’m going home. The policy says but. Pari says that everything is fine now. I have to go. Neeti says this is your first Karva Chauth with Rajiv. Are you excited about that? Pari says that it is not so. He is out of town. Neeti says how can he leave you at the first karva chauth? I’m sure he’s with that girl. I know you’re leaving because I can’t see your tears. you’re not going anywhere. Sitting Neeti makes her wear bracelets. She says you’re my bracelet friend. I won’t let anything bad happen to you. you’re not going anywhere. We will celebrate Karva Chauth together. Neeti groans in pain. Pari says are you okay? Let me call the doctor. The policy says it’s fine. Don’t call the doctor. just stay with me just promise me you won’t leave? Pari says how are you going to fast? Neeti says that I want to thank God for giving me Sanju. I’m very happy. I’m going to fast Pari says you weren’t like that at all. The proverb says that you will never say no to fasting. I’m going to fast Neeti says I know you’re upset that Rajiv isn’t here. You’ll love it if you stay here with everyone. Pari says how can you be in a hurry? Neeti says I talked to the doctor, he said I can fast.

Rajeev walks in and asks what happened. Neeti says that we are both fasting. He says how can you fast politics? Neeti says that they are both the same. Rajeev says that he is not good for health. Neeti says my doctor said yes. He says he’s fine, don’t run… you might slip. Neeti hugs him and says I love you baby. how good are you Fairy Leaves. Rajiv took the hand of him.

scene 3
Gurpreet prepares gifts for Pree and her family. She says that she is the first Karva Chauth of Pari. The fairy is very lucky. He has such a good husband. He is like a son to me. I hope they are always happy together. Her father will be very happy for her. Harman says that he bought these jhumkas for her. This is our blessing. Mandeep says why was it necessary? Harman says this is just for Pari. He says to do her job. Mandeep says I’m just here to work. Gurpreet says to go and talk to her. Harman says Mandeep what’s your problem? She says that she never gave me anything about Karva Chauth. Don’t waste money on angel. She says I won’t hear a word against Pari. Mandeep says I hope you’ll never be happy.

scene 4
Chandrika reaches Pami. She says you’re thinking of Pari. Pami says should I give it to Pari Sargi or not? She shouldn’t even fast for Rajiv. Chandrika says but they are still married. She has rights over Rajiv. Pami says that relationships are made from the heart. Will I give him the position of unfaithful husband? We ruined Pari’s life. The man who ruined her life, I can’t even kick him. Chandrika says I don’t know how Rajiv did it. Pami says that she is very smart. Chandrika says but please give him the sargi. If you give Neeti Sargi, only Pari will feel left out. Pami says I’ll give it to him.

Gurinder prepares the sargi. Chandrika says that mama ji has prepared three sargis. Pami says do something embarrassed. Pari is also right about this. Gurinder says this is my first DIL sargi. I’ll give it to him Pari says I can’t take this sargi.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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