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Pandya Store 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita keeps an eye on Shweta

Pandya Store Sep 8, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Dhara saying: focus on Cheeku, leave the kitchen work to me. Shweta shook her head. Dhara says that Rishita needs us more than you, just focus on Chiku. Shweta says I’ll go, but you love Cheeku too. Dhara says that I have explained my heart to him, he is your son and he will one day go with you. Suman thinks how much pain Dhara will endure. She prays for Dhara. The stream cries. Shiva, Krish and Ravi come to meet Satish somewhere. Ravi asks if everything will be okay. Shiva says don’t take your tension off, I won’t let anything happen. A man comes and sees Ravi. He says that Ravi…

Krish says he’s my friend’s boss. The man says hi, I’m Arnav, Satish told me about his problem, I’m a big fan of his, hackers won’t survive now. Satish comes and meets them. Shiva thanks Arnav. Arnav says I want information, give me some time. Ravi says all my time is yours, just figure it out. He asks her not to panic. He asks them to come inside. Shiv asks Krish if Arnav is really the boss. Krish says that he does.

Rishita talks with a counselor. The woman says that it is common to have insecurities after pregnancy, keep a calm mind, it will be beneficial. Rishita agrees. The lady says that she can install CCTV in her house, she can keep an eye on her son. Rishita thinks there is a negative energy in our house, Shweta cctv idea is the best. Arnav asks them to relax. He says that I have found the IP address of the hacker. Shiva says that I will defeat that man. Arnav says that when we can use our brains, then why use our hands, we’ll take the legal route. Ravi asks him to teach him how to deal with hackers as well. He says that you are welcome to come here and learn from me. Rishita arrives home. Dhara asks how she was. Rishita says that the session was great, Dr. Priyanka is a genius. Dhara says that I also find her sometimes when I feel stressed, she gives rest to the mind. Rishita says she asked me to think about the effect of my negative thoughts on my child, we should have CCTV cameras in the house, a baby monitoring system, it will give my heart a rest, it is also good for security . It will happen. Dhara says that this is the best idea, I think we should fix the cctv camera everywhere. Suman says yes, if this can reduce Rishita’s stress, then we’ll do it. Rishita says thanks, I can keep an eye on Sanchi using an app. Dhara says that he too install the app on my phone. Suman tells me too. Shweta says that no camera will fix my room. Rishita smiles.

She thinks I’m doing this for you. Ravi says we’ll file a complaint. Arnav says that the hacker cannot create the password for his account, he cannot gain access. Shiva asks what. Krishna explains to him. Arnav says that it is a long process, you have to give some time here. She says okay. She asks Shiva and Krish to leave, she will do this job and come. Shiva asks if we are not needed here. Arnav says okay, you can go, I’ll give him the account details. Arnav tells them not to worry. Shiva and Krish leave. Shiva turns and sees Ravi.

Suman says this is my house. Rishita jokes about Gautham and Dhara’s romance, though she doesn’t care. Suman says I’ll decide on the cameras, you’ll be gone in a few days. Dhara says yes, Cheeku’s security will also be increased. Rishita says yes, you must also know why he cries again and again, you have to go home, there are ten days left. Dhara says yes. Suman leaves her. She tells Shweta to focus on Cheeku more than the camera, that she doesn’t bring Cheeku to the front of the broadcast for every little thing. Rishita asks if you have any problem going to your mother’s house. Shweta says no, I’ll feel sad leaving here. Rishita says you can come see us whenever you want, that’s fine.

Suman says I’ll have sweet 60 tomorrow. Dhara comes and asks for a schedule. Suman says your Purnima.. Dhara says I will come now. She goes. Suman says that mom and dad never forget her birthday, and my useless children don’t remember my birthday, they will soon. Shweta looks at the CCTV camera. She says that I have to keep Cheeku with me and that I can’t make her cry. She talks to her friend to find a solution. He has an idea. Dhara cries and marks the date on the calendar. She says Cheeku, I won’t do any work for you, I have to get in the habit of staying away from you, you have to stay away from me, there are only 10 days left. Kris comes over and listens to him. The stream cries. She turns and looks at him. She wipes her tears. She says I forget everything these days, do you need anything? He said no. He hugs her and cries. He says I love you. He says I have a lot of work, now you’re leaving. Rishita shows the CCTV camera feed. Suman says that you are my clever bahu, tell me, what is tomorrow. Saturday is called Rishita. Suman asks what the date is. Rishita says tenth. Suman asks what is special. Rishita says that it is time for Diwali. Suman says it’s not a festival. Rishita says yes, anniversary or birthday, whose birthday is it. Suman says he was joking, forget it. Ravi comes home. She says save me, I won’t be late. Rishita says that I will show the backyard camera. They see Ravi jumping off the wall. Suman says Ravi is coming, come with me.

Dhara asks if you will miss me. Shweta says you love Cheeku so much, why don’t you adopt her? Rishita says it’s a bad joke, if you can do it, do it today, we’ll talk to your parents and give legal custody of Cheeku to Dhara.

Update Credits: Amena

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