Pandya Store 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Deven comes to Pandya house

Pandya Store 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Deven comes to Pandya house

Pandya Store 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Deven comes to Pandya house

Pandya Store Oct 2, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Krish saying that I have a dress for you. Shweta tries. She says I didn’t see you in traditional clothes, I have this color, if you don’t like it, I can take another one. She says it’s beautiful, thank you very much. She backs off. He holds her in her arms. The scarf falls on them. Ishq Wala Pyaar… plays… She turns around. He’s leaving. Suman and his family performed aarti. They all smile. At night, everyone is seen making a garba at the party. Dholida… play… Shweta comes down. Kris smiles at her. She thinks I wish Deven would stay away, once this marriage happens I’ll run off with the money. Dhara asks Shiv if you haven’t resolved the issue. Shiv says I apologized, she didn’t listen. She says don’t give up, good luck. He goes to Ravi. She dances on the other side. Krish says Shweta I have a present for you, it will match your dress. He gives her earrings. He uses it. They all smile. Rishita feels that she is trying to please her wife and in-laws. Suman blesses Krish and Shweta. Jankana says that we will seek compromise now. Krishna calls. He says this engagement can’t happen now, I have a surprise for Shweta. Shweta asks how much you will surprise me, what is left. He goes and brings Deven home. Shweta is surprised. She wonders how she got here. Krish asks if you liked my surprise. Jankana says that she is not friends with Shweta, who is she. Rishita thinks that Shweta is surprised to see this man, something is wrong. Deven says that he is very happy to see me. Jankana asks if you are his friend, he never told us about you. Deven asks what, I’m his brother. Shweta is surprised. Deven asks if you didn’t tell them I’m your brother. Shweta worries Rishita laughs. Dev asks if you’re okay. Rishita says that Shweta knows about her brother, but her mother doesn’t know about her son. Deven says that he never saw me. Rishita asks what do you mean, if uncle had an affair with someone else, I’ve seen things like that in movies, you didn’t even tell aunt, too bad. Shweta’s father, Hari, is worried. Shweta says he is my friend Neeta’s brother, you haven’t met her. Rishita says that you told your mother about your friends, she doesn’t know the forum, Neeta and her brother, so she was cheaply scammed on the road. Dhara stops Rishita and tells her not to insult her. Rishita says that everyone knows this. Dev says it’s time to take your meds, come on. He pulls her to one side of her and scolds her. She says that I am trying to show the truth. She says you have no right to ruin her life. They come back to everyone.

Deven starts lying to them and tells them that Shweta is my friend from school, I am her brother Rakhi, I tried to find you, I came to know that you are getting married, I came here and luckily I came to know that your husband will be Krish. Krish remembers Deven and asked about Pandya’s residence. He says yes I brought him here I didn’t say anything at first I thought he was your ex I asked him then he said he was your brother Rakhi he came from Texas to meet you so he brought him here . Shweta thinks how stupid Kris is. Jankana asks why Shweta hid about her brother Rakhi from her. Hari says you never tried to find out about his ex. Deven says that Neeta died in a car accident, so she was looking for you. He shows rakhi and says you haven’t tied rakhi for me since last five years, I thought you will tie it when we meet. Suman praises him. Parental concern. Hari says it’s a good thing Shweta’s ex didn’t come, otherwise it would have been a big deal. Shweta drops rakhi. She says so be it, tying a fallen rakhi is inauspicious. Deven says that there must be love in the heart, we both have love in the heart, Neeta had kept this diamond earring for you but she passed away, I hope you accept it. Suman says wow, Shweta is so honest right now, she loves you so much. Deven thinks it’s a stone worth 10 rupees. Shweta thinks she is cheating me with a 10rs item. Hari says that now we will have an engagement ceremony. Krish makes Shweta wear a ring. Deven takes the ring and says it’s beautiful. Shweta takes it from her hand. She takes the ring to Krish. Everyone claps. Dhara says that Shweta was in a hurry to commit. Rishita thinks that I will expose Shweta today, Deven has come to make drama.

They all dance. Deven stole Suman’s locker. Shweta goes to Deven. Rishita goes to see them. He is shocked.

Update Credits: Amena

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