Pandya Store 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta succeeds in her plan

Pandya Store 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta succeeds in her plan

Pandya Store 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta succeeds in her plan

Pandya Store Nov 2, 2022 Episode Update Written: Shweta Succeeds In Her Plan

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Shweta continues with her plan to get Cheeku’s money. She asks Dhara to use the money for Diwali and not compromise the budget. She wants to have a wonderful Diwali.

Shweta’s parents are worried about her, but her mom says she’s smart and we should give her a chance. Dhara tells Shweta that money doesn’t buy happiness. Krish supports Dhara and says that we know how the festivals are celebrated and that we will manage.

Shweta calls her mother and cries because she is celebrating Diwali with her family and they have money to celebrate Diwali. She says that we don’t have money for Diwali but she doesn’t want Cheeku to compromise and celebrate Diwali like a pauper. His mother disagrees and she says it’s okay to celebrate Diwali like normal people. On the other hand, her father supports her and says that Jhankana should not be so strict with her.

Shweta hears this and asks them to tell this to Dhara. To his surprise, Jhankan agrees to Dhara, but Shweta’s father says that he wants Cheeku to have a wonderful Diwali. Dhara asks him to entrust the money to him and that he will save 25,000 for the Diwali celebration.

Dhara warns Shweta not to do anything like this in the future. Krish also says that it was wrong for him to call his parents and blackmail them into using the money. Shweta dodges the questions and asks how they should start preparing for Diwali.

Dev and Gombi try to persuade Ravi to take a vacation from the office and join him on a trip to Goa. She says that she has training to separate from Arnav and therefore she will not be able to go. Shiva, overhearing the conversation, asks Dev to leave, since his office is his first priority. Ravi also tells Gombi that only one of them should go on the journey as their fighting will ruin the entire journey.

Shweta is cleaning the house and thinking about it. She accidentally drops Shiva’s marbles. Dhara sees this and asks him to put it back properly as Shiva loves them. Shweta looks at the marbles and thinks that by dropping them on each other, she will make a difference in the family.

Ravi talks to Dhara and tells her that he plans to buy gifts for the family. He also talks about the differences between her and Shiva. Dhara assured him that everything would be fine. She says that Shiva should have no problem with Arnav as he is more than a friend to her and has always helped her. Shweta records her conversation with Dhara, but only the part where she says that Arnav is more than a friend to her.

Shweta and Ravi go shopping. Ravi buys t-shirts for Shiva, Gombi, Dev and Arnav. Shweta asks Ravi to hide details about Arnav from Shiva as he will create a bigger rift between them.

She lies to Ravi and tells him that she has to visit her mother so she can shop with her like she always has with her mother. Shweta goes to a travel agent and asks him to book two tickets to Goa under the names of Ravi and Shiva Pandya. She asks him to send the ticket to her house.

Shweta is happy to see that her plan is successful.

Precap: Shiv sees Ravi hiding something. He picks up the blanket and looks at the labeled shirt. One of the labels says Arnav. Shweta tells Dhara that she supports Gombi’s idea of ​​having a simple Diwali so that Shiva and Ravi can go to Goa. Rishita hears this and confronts Dhara. Shwata smiles.

Update Credits: Kritias

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