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Pandya Store 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara faces the family’s anger

Pandya Store Dec 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Shiva getting angry and venting his anger. Raavi comes and says that Dhara rejected Jankana, you didn’t reject Dhara, I have to do something now, Arnav called me today and offered me a job. Shiva says I’m fine with that. she laughs. She asks him to go and win if she now takes up boxing. They smile. Dhara serves breakfast. She says that Suman went to the temple. Raavi eats in a hurry. She says that Arnav called me, I can get my job back, what happened, it’s my decision, don’t worry about Shiv, he doesn’t have any problem.

Dhara says fine then I have no problem, do the job well. She says that I have planned to take back Shweta’s shop. Rishita asks for a plan. Dhara says that we will spread the rumor of selling Pandya’s house, Shweta will try to buy it, we will trick her and make her sign on the store papers, what an idea. They all refuse. Rishita argues with Dhara. Dev asks him to have a nice word with Dhara. Gautam asks Rishita to stop him. He asks how much they will scold us for our one mistake, everyone was there at the time of the agreement, we are ready to solve this mess, they forgot the limit to talk to Dhara. Dhara feels that Shiv has changed so much that he is sitting in silence. Dev says that Rishita didn’t mean that, he means that Shweta is smart, we have to think well. Dhara asks if you heard my whole plan, I am not talking about selling the house, we will spread rumors in the market that our financial situation is not good, Shweta will do anything to take revenge on us, we will take revenge on her and etc. He goes back to the store. Raavi says that he is not from me. Dhara asks why would you say yes, you know I never do the right thing, you like to insult me. Rishita says that we are right in this house, we found a risk in this plan, everything cannot happen as you want, she thinks of something else. Raavi says that I think we should not think about the shop but about running the house, we also have two children, Dev has done an MBA, what experience does he have, he used to sit in the Kirana shop. Dhara scolds him.

Raavi says that we all have to work hard, Krish did not complete education, we know about Shiv’s education, Gautam also sat in the workshop after graduation, we better accept our reality. Dhara yells Raavi. She calms down. She says it’s okay, everyone has a job, Gautam and I will find a way to get the store back, is it little for us to win? Shiva asks what are you saying. Dhara says we have to speak up, everything is changing. Gautama becomes sad. Raavi receives a call. She says that Arnav is calling, I have to go to the office, I will give good news about my work. Rishita wishes them luck. Gautam says we’ll find the job, I’ll leave now. He gets angry and leaves.

Krish asks if the Pandya shop had to be destroyed like that, no one wants to think about it, no I won’t let this happen, this is our identity. He explains to them. He says that Shweta will sell the store and go to Dubai. Shweta scolds the buyer for giving less quantity. Krish says we’ll work, but we’ll think about getting the store back. Dhara says yes, we will trick her. Rishita says that I don’t trust your plan, if you go against us and decide, I will leave this house, stay alone and decide. Dev says we have no problem trying. Dhara says that we will tell her that we want to buy a store by selling our house, she will come, we will catch her. Krish says we’ll go talk to her. Rishita says that if we lose our roof, I will file a case against all of you, we have the right to reject her decision, remember this.

The man says that you have this shop for free, I am giving you the shop for 5 lakhs. She asks him to come out. Gautam and Krish come there. She gives them some change. Krish says we don’t want this, we have come to buy the store. Gautam says yes, we came to buy it. Shweta worried. Krish asks how we will get the money. Shweta thinks how she got so much money. She says I love money, you know, but I’ll sell you the shop for a million rupees.

Dhara says I won’t let my family break, I’ll get my store back, Rishita hear me out for the last time. She pleads with Rishita and Raavi. she cries.

Update Credits: Amina

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