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Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev and Hrishita sympathize with Pandya

Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Episode starts with Dhara showing plates to Krish. She says I made fresh food and juice for Rishita, I will take her to her room, remembering your timing. He says I remember. She goes. Kalyani says I asked them to eat leftover food. Janardhan says go and stop them. Before Dev and Rishita know this, cook fresh food for them. Kamini stops Dhara and asks did you have breakfast. Dhara says in kitchen, there is a lot of leftover food, Kalyani asks us to take it. Kamini says no, when did Kalyani say, keep it aside, we will make good food for you, I mean you make it for yourself. Dhara says ok, I will give breakfast to Rishita and come, Ravi is in kitchen. Rishita thinks of everything. Dhara comes and says my mood is not good, does it look good. Dhara says I used to do this at home too. Rishita says your house was there, our house, here the situation is different. Dhara says we are still the same. She feeds Rishita. Kalyani says we should go to kitchen now.

Krish comes to Rishita and says food is delicious, I am thinking it would have tasted better at night, I really liked it, tell me about the caterer. Dhara says he is eating leftover food, servants are asked to take it. Rishita asks did mommy and papa ask you to take it. The stream says, no, for the needy, we are the needy. Rishita says it is wrong. She screams and goes outside. Dhara says he did nothing wrong. She says as we thought it will happen. God comes home. He sees Gautam and Shiva sitting on the floor and having food. Shiva says God is coming. They say that the food looks delicious. Gautam says yes, its left over food but not bad. Dev sits and eats the same food. He asks what is all this. Gautam says we are doing well. Dev shouts Rishita and leaves. Shiva smiles. Kamini asks Ravi what are you doing. Ravi says I am serving food, it is delicious, will I serve you something. Kamini scolds him and tells that the servants eat leftover food. Rishita asks why, only masters are human beings and not servants. She scolds Kamini. Gautam and Shiva come. Shiv says thanks for the food, it was good, we had enough. Rishita gets angry. Dhara smiled.

Kamini says don’t lecture me, I didn’t tell them anything. Gautam says that he just said that the servants have to finish the leftover food. Kamini asks when did I say. Gautam says maybe you forgot that now we are your servants. God comes. He asks Kamini how can she feed the leftover food to her family. Rishita says I am really sorry, this is happening because of me. Dev asks Kalyani for an answer. Dhara says everyone had eaten that food, don’t worry, it is not a big deal. Dev asks what, all of you had. Rishita says you embarrassed me in front of my family today. Dev says I should be ashamed to leave my house and stay here. Kalyani says we did nothing intentionally. Dev says I am against your job, you all will not listen to me, you will come and tell me if anything happens then I will order breakfast for you in the morning. Dhara says I promise, we will not have left over food, take Rishita to room, she gets worried. Gautam and Dhara smile. Kamini asks what do you want to do. Dhara says you will not even help animals, we are human, we are not fools, we know the reason for the party, you wanted to insult us. Kamini says I knew this, you cannot come here without any reason. Ravi says we will take Dev and Rishita with us, they will come on their own wish. Janardan comes to Gautam and scolds him.

Gautam asks what should I do, should I act alone, do you think I will fall at someone’s feet who burnt my shop. Janardhan asks what proof do you have. Gautam says I am 100 percent sure, now be careful, spark of fire has come in your house. Dhara warns Kamini. Ravi says we do this work everyday in our house, you also work, you will be fit. Dhara says let it be, they won’t understand, I will bring your small thinking to Dev and Rishita soon, don’t set us on fire, else Dev and Rishi will think you are taking revenge, we really need this job . Janardhan says I should not have given you this job, I will fire you, go out of my house. Shiva says you are wrong. Ravi asks will they set us on fire. Dhara asks why do you worry about job, who will take care of Rishita, Dev and Rishita will come home and then Suman will be fine, I have to tell Suman that we moved ahead. Gautam says you want to break my family, do anything, we will be here. Shiva says when I am here you cannot do anything, just see how we take Dev and Rishita. He holds Gautam’s hand.
Kamini accuses Dhara of burning her hands. Rishita is shocked.

Update Credits: Amena

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