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Pandya Store 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita and Dhara fail to gather proof

Pandya Store Nov 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Dhara calling Gautham and asking him to go to Nitin’s address and contact him. He has quit his job and is leaving the country. Gautama asks what. He asks Dev to come over. Dev asks Krish to take care of Chutki. Dev and Gautam leave. Shiva looks. He thinks Gautam didn’t say anything in front of me. Krish says that the third relationship will end if Dhara and Raavi are proven right. Shiva asks him to take care of Chutki. He argues with Krish. Jankana says that I can’t decide in haste, wait a few days. Shweta comes home and meets them. She brings tiffin for them. She says I have tiffin for them, Dhara and Rishita have gone to buy furniture with Chiku’s money, Gautam will pay it back later. Jankana asks if there is furniture. Shweta says they now live in another house. Jankana says that Chiku is with Raavi, but she is sick. Shweta says yes, but they left Cheeku with her. Jankana gets angry and asks how can Dhara be so careless. Dhara says we have to go to the CCTV recording room, do you have any idea? Rishita says that you can tell them that I am crazy for Nitin’s love. Dhara says right idea. Dhara signs it. Rishita gets angry and distracts everyone. Dhara goes to the CCTV room.

Shweta says that Dhara is not bad, two women can’t live without a man, they have to go to the market to buy anything, I think Gautam will move there soon. She asks what the custody papers are doing here. Dhara asks that person to have the pictures of Dr. Desai’s accident, it is very important. The man asks why he wants to. She says that I’m in the administration, the police have come out, the police want to see, check, it’s urgent. He asks for dates. She says tell me if you have any questions. She plans to get the test. They don’t see any video on the screen. Gautam asks about Nitin’s house. Nitin says I have to go soon. Gautama rang the bell. Shweta says don’t make Maa sign the papers, I know Maa doesn’t trust me, eat the food, I have. They like Jankana says you did so well I never thought. Shweta says I didn’t even think like that, I’m trying to change, I hope they’ll both be proud of me one day. Rishita waits for Dhara and worries. The man says she’s sorry, pictures are missing, maybe deleted. Dhara scolds him and asks him to check again.

You think someone has deleted the images. Rishita gets angry. She thinks they called the police, they can arrest me, I’ll be out of the house. the police are coming. Dev says I’ll have him arrested. Nitin asks if they came here. He sees Gautam and Dev. He thinks who are they, Dhara and Rishita sent them, I have to run.

Rishita is caught by the police. The current comes. Rishita asks him to do something. Dhara says of her forgive her, leave her, I have come here to be treated. Gautam says something is wrong, it’s either in or gone. They break down the door. Nitin runs out the window. Dev looks at her. Dhara and Rishita perform a skit. The inspector says it’s okay, breaking things is wrong. He warns them. Dhara takes him away. Gautam and Dev follow Nitin. Dhara says they saved us. Rishita says you made a story there, you got me. She says to think of plan B, if we lose Nitin, everything will go wrong, I don’t know if Gautam found him or not. Nitin escapes in a car. Dev and Gautam follow her on the bike. A man steps forward. Dev and Gautam fall off the bike. Nitin sees them. Dhara and Rishita see Gautam and Dev fall on the road. They rushed to help. Dhara asks if you caught Nitin. Dev says that he has run away. Rishita asks how. Dev says he’s gone, you’ll get the footage. Dhara says no, Shweta is smart, she deleted the pictures. At home, Gautam says that Shweta didn’t think before risking our relationship. Rishita says that we have to kill someone and make them understand in our own way. Dhara asks what do you mean. Rishita says that you have to die. Everyone is surprised.

Rishita screams in her room. Shweta listens to him. Dev asks Rishita not to yell. Shweta comes to see him.

Update Credits: Amina

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