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Pandya Store 26 February 2022 Written Episode Update: Krish steals money

Pandya Store 26 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

The episode starts with Dhara asking Gautam not to worry and take care of Shiva. Rishita and Sagar are on their way. She asks how did you not find any girl when you are so smart, rich and handsome. He says I liked someone, he wanted love and money, I asked for time to settle down and he didn’t like it, he left me. She says sorry. He says don’t say sorry, you didn’t run away, I am self made man, I don’t care for him, I have to move on, I can’t stand daily emotional torture of mom and dad. She says I understand. He drops her. She thanks him. He says goodbye and holds her. Suman looks on. He leaves.

She hears women gossiping about their daughters-in-law. Suman goes to answer. She says Rishita does job, so she goes out, your daughter doesn’t do any work but she roams, did I tell you, no, I know everything, if you say about my daughter-in-law. I will break your teeth and bones. She goes.

Dev sees Rishita eating tamarind candy. He asks are you pregnant. She scolds him. He misses his words. He asks what happened. She says you ask me question now. He says you think I like to fight with you, I have no habit of doubting you. He says Sagar answered the call, so I felt weird, if some girl answers my phone at night, don’t you know. She says I will not leave you both. He says I was jealous. She says don’t be jealous of her, we went for work, she has a dream, I like her dream fulfillment quality, you don’t like going beyond Pandya store, you are wasting talent. He jokes.

He says I am at right place. She says how should I convince her to use my talent, she doesn’t listen to me. Kirti gets a call from Krish. She asks him to come for the picnic. She says everyone is contributing 1000rs, come. He thinks to agree. He says I will come for your sake. She says ok, come tomorrow, love you. He says love you too. He says how will I get the money.

Shiv asks have you made GF. Krish says yes. Shiva gets angry. Krish says no, I have hurt my leg, I have exam stress. Shiv asks why, you always go to college. He says if I get more marks then I will beat you. He asks for the phone. Krish says I will not give it. Shiva asked her to study well. They lie to sleep. Krish goes to Dhara and Gautam’s room. He steals some money. He says I wanted some money but got treasure here, it is debt, I will return it. The box of bangles falls. Dhara and Gautam get up. Kris leaves early. Dhara asks if there is any. She asks Gautam to call the pest control personnel tomorrow, the rat might have dropped the box. Its morning, Gautam is looking for money. Dhara says Shiva would have taken it if needed. He hugs her. They have a romantic moment. She says Shiv must have taken it for shop work, he has no expenses of his own, let me take the money. She checks the box. He counts money. She gets less of it. She says I have put it here, do rats need money. Gautam says ask Shiva and tell me. he goes. She says Shiva must have told me. She thinks Krish… maybe… he is lying a lot these days. Krish gets ready to go.

The women opposed Ravi. Ravi says you all are right, either I will marry Shiva or die.

Update Credits: Amena

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