Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta requests Suman to accept her

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta requests Suman to accept her

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta requests Suman to accept her

Pandya Store Sep 22, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Gautham asking how we will celebrate Maa. Krish thinks I have a reason to marry Shweta, but how did he agree so quickly? Shweta asks what your mother told you that you agree. She removes his hands. She says that this marriage will not happen. She asks Shweta’s parents to get Shweta and Cheeku out. She asks Gautam and everyone not to say anything. Shweta and her parents left. Her mom says we gave you the option to stay here, now suck it up. They go. Kris looks. Shweta is sitting crying. A man throws some coins at him. She imagines it. She thinks that if Krish doesn’t marry me, my mom and dad won’t give me any property. She says you’re right, I’m not in love with Krish. Rishita says that I knew this. Dhara asks him to shut up. Rishita says that I have to say this today. Shweta says that I don’t love Krish, so I refused to marry him, but after I left here I understood the relationship.

Rishita asks Oh really, you started to miss us so soon. Shweta says I know it’s not easy to believe in me, my mom and dad explained to me, I realized that all of you are in my life, Dhara gave me a lot of love, no one loved me that much, Rishita never discriminated between chutki and chiku, I’ve gotten used to this love and care, I can’t live without all of you. Rishita feels that he has natural acting talent. Shweta’s mother asks how she learned to act so well. Shweta’s father says let her do whatever, once she comes here our luck will be good too. Shweta says that Krish and I lost our love, our hearts were broken, we will make a strong relationship. She asks Suman to kindly accept. Rishita says that Shweta is crying now, her parents convinced her to get married. Dev questions why they would do this. She says I don’t know, they’ll find any guy for Shweta, why are they after Krish? Dev says that Krish likes Shweta, he says that she likes Krish. She says you’ll regret it later. She tells Suman not to melt her heart, Shweta is acting. Dhara asks Suman to agree, nothing but Krish’s happiness. Suman says don’t try to trick me, this girl won’t become my daughter-in-law, that’s all.

Shweta asks him. She asks Gautam to explain to Suman. She says I’m selfish for saying this. Rishita says that you are selfish. Dev asks her to go rest. She asks Dev to explain to Shweta. Shweta asks him. She says that Cheeku will get her love and care from her, she got her first name from this family, please agree with Kaki. Suman walks away. Rishita asks Shweta to leave. Shweta’s mother says that if Suman doesn’t agree, Shweta will be happy. She asks Suman to accept Shweta. They add the scold. She asks if you were in my place, would you have married your son to such a girl? Everyone asks Suman to think once more for Krish’s sake. Krish asks what is the problem with Suman, if Shweta and I don’t have a problem. They add the scold. Dhara says not to be hyper, she tries to understand Krish. Suman asks if I understand her or your feelings, you think I don’t understand, why are you doing all this, for Cheeku, listen to me, Shweta and Cheeku won’t come to this house. Shweta says that Dhara is a goddess, don’t scold her, I wish she could give her chiku, but I am also a mother. Suman says to give it to Dhara. Shweta says I understand you too, I’ll go. She hugs everyone. She says that Suman does not agree, good luck for your future, I wish a good girl comes into your life. She thinks it’s a good thing that Suman refused this alliance. Krish sees Shweta and Dhara. He stops Shweta.


Krish asks if you really want to marry me, you will regret it. Shweta agreed to the marriage. Krish says that we will go to the temple immediately and get married. Suman threatens Krish.

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