Pandya Store 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiv breaks up with Dev

Pandya Store 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiv breaks up with Dev

Pandya Store 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiv breaks up with Dev

Pandya Store 21 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Shiv scolds Janardan. Rishita scolds him. Shiv says there is lot of drama here, now we will go before I do anything. He leaves. Suman asks Gautam to come. She looks at Dev. She wishes Dev and Rishita a happy wedding anniversary. They go Kamini says he got jealous, we gave a small gift, why did he feel bad, we have written Pandya, not Janardan, he should be happy. Rishita says thank you, I never thought you will give me a beautiful gift.

She hugs Janardan. Dev Pandya looks at the store. Shiva says that Dhara corrected Dev by locking him in the godown, did you see Dev, he took the key from Janardan. he gets angry. He says he will stand against our shop and work, Dev is dead for me now. Suman and Gautam cry. Shiva says they want competition, they will get competition. Dev says I cannot take this key, I cannot stand against my brothers, please keep this key. Janardhan asks how can I get the keys back, there is no competition, this is your store. Gautam cried. He says it is good that Dhara is not here to see all this. He calls Hardik. He asks her to keep Dhara at home for a few days. Hardik says I was going to ask you, I am going to see a girl and thought will take Dhara along. Gautam says just take care of her, if she refuses, then take her forcibly. Hardik says I understood.

Rishita asks what is the problem. Dev says I cannot do this. She says it is for our future, it is not safe now, you have no job, Shiv will not let you come to the shop, how will you manage the expenses, our baby will be coming. Gautam cries and says Dev has no reason to come back here, Dhara and my dream will be just a dream now. He puts the toys in the carton. Rishita says I don’t want my child to live life like you, child deserves better life, we are educated, we will handle the shop, if we think for our betterment then what is wrong, will you support me. Dev says fine, I will agree, but on one condition, you have to take out the original word from the banner of the store. Shiva takes the oath taking the soil in his hand. Janardhan says ok, please accept this gift. Dev says you don’t need to join hands. He takes the key. Rishita smiles.

Its morning, Shiv and Krish watch the news of increasing commercial competition on TV. God comes home. He calls everyone. Rishi also comes. They see the burnt room and the walls. Krish hugs Rishita. Shiv asks why did you come here, we are all happy, look, you have done right to leave the poor family, you have a standard shop now. Rishita says don’t look happy, you just fight, Dev accepts the shop as he cares about the future of the child, you want the next generation to live in poverty. Suman comes and says you both have come to sprinkle salt on our wounds. Dev says I am going to sit at my new shop, I want you all to come. Gautam comes and says it is good thing, we all will come, we wish you progress. Shiva claps.

He says Dev has no shame in inviting us, money changes everything, I have problem with shop name, Pandya store original, which is the store where our dad used to sit. Suman cries. Shiv says what did I say wrong that my two brothers are alive, Gautam and Krish, Dev Pandya is dead for me. Dev says Shiva, I had a problem with this, I did not take the shop keys until the original word was removed from the banner, come with me and see if you don’t believe it. Rishita says he doesn’t need to explain it, he has problem with your success so he wants to be like you, Ravi if you use someone’s laptop secretly, you should at least delete history It is wrong to use something. Ravi says I knew, but I did not know that your heart is small. Rishita says you want to show that we will never come back home, it is not going to happen, we have share in Pandya store.

Shiva sees Dev at the new shop. The customers are there. Ravi and Shiva think of doing something.

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