Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Pandya Store Aug 1, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Suman gives different reasons that make the baby cry. God brings the cradle. Rishita keeps the child in the crib. Rishita says that the child will sleep in the crib. Dhara says that it is okay to let the baby sleep alone in the crib, so the child will sleep in the bed with him. Rishita says that the child needs to be self-sufficient and also the child will sleep in the crib in his room. Suman asks Dev and Rishita to take the boy to his room. They are bound.

At dinner time, Dhara asked Rishita to give her the child and eat the food. He is bound. Ravi happily says that he will get salad. Suman asks why Ravi is happy if he won the lottery. Shiva denies it and says that he doesn’t know the reason. In his heart, he apologizes to Gungun for lying.

Suman asks Gautam if he has paid the child’s mother’s hospital fees. Rishita asks why they should pay the hospital fees. Suman says that if they don’t pay, they will blame him for his death. Suman questioned Gautam again about this. She teases him for looking at Dhara without answering her. Gautham thinks that Dhara will be heartbroken if she finds out that the boy’s mother has run away and she decides to find an orphanage for the boy.

Think about whether to tell the truth to everyone or not. Suman scolds Dhara for adding more spice to the vegetable. She mocks the current. Shiva complains that she made brinjal curry which he doesn’t like. Dhara reacts angrily. She asks if Ravi didn’t have a problem when he made eggplant the next day. Rishita says that Dhara cannot cook delicious food since all her focus was on how to take the child from him. So she left the kitchen several times.

Dhara asks why Rishita or Ravi can’t take responsibility for the kitchen. She admits that her focus was on the child. She complains that everyone tried to keep her away from the boy. She says that she knows that this is not her baby and that one day she will leave the house. She gets out of there. Shiv asks Suman why he scolded Dhara despite knowing her condition. Dev supports Suman and says that he scolded Dhara for her sake. Gautam goes behind the current to persuade him. Sum is glad that her son supports her for the first time in her life instead of Dhara.

Ravi thinks about what clothes to wear for his social networks. She seeks Shiva’s help. Shiva asks her to think about what clothes she doesn’t want to wear and asks them to donate them. She puts all the clothes back in the closet. Ravi says that Shiva doesn’t like her work, so she does it. She says that she will delete her account.

Shiva pulls a dress out of the closet and asks Ravi to wear it for the shoot. Ravi says it’s not easy. Shiva reminds Ravi that he had told him not to change himself for the sake of others. He always advises Ravi to keep it sweet and simple. Ravi says that Shiva lied to his family who supported him. She promises that he won’t regret it. She says I love you. Shiva picked Ravi up and put him on the bed. They sit on the bed looking at each other with love.

Dhara receives a call from the doctor on Gautam’s phone and is shocked to learn that the boy’s mother has escaped from the hospital. So Gautam gets there. Dhara asks Gautam why he hid that the boy’s mother ran away from the hospital. Gautam says that he was about to tell her. Gautam asks Dhara to give birth to the child. She carries the boy to the stream and runs out of the room.

Dhara sees the boy get excited. She swears to him that she will prevent Gautam from giving the child to the orphanage. She asks why they can’t take care of the child at home. Gautam says that this is not her son. She further stated that she has filed a missing person report on the mother of this child. Dhara asks Gautam to give the child to her instead of leaving him at the orphanage. Gautham says that he has no problem keeping the boy, but he worries about his attachment to the boy and says that they have already seen his madness once.

Dhara admits that she had made a mistake in the past and promises to return the child when her mother is found. Gautam says that this child may become Dhara’s obsession and that she cannot see how her heart breaks when the child leaves her. Dhara gives the example of Yashoda and Lord Krishna and begs Gautam to take care of the child for some time. She also reminds him that the child’s mother gave her the responsibility of the child. Gautama is watching.

Precap: Rishita asks Suman to take care of the boy since he has to go to a workshop. Suman says that the delivery of the baby can happen a week before. Rishita cries when she has labor pains. She is admitted to the hospital. Pandya arrives at the hospital to see Rishita. Gautam sees them hidden. He thinks of hiding the truth from the boy’s mother, so he decides not to make it public.

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