Our never ending nights we spend together

Our never ending nights we spend together

Our never ending nights we spend together

Vansh’s POV for Riddhima:

Was just scrolling through some of my pending work files when it found the text.
The mention of her Bem is cool and I don’t know where the fragrance of tulip flowers in her long hair reaches for kilometers and reaches my sixth floor.
Well it took no moment for the call button to slip and his slow whisper was another encounter I am unable to describe in words.
And she brings soft laughter to my face by her wprds.
Her face, she hid through her soft scarf, which was slipping to face her mesmerizing eyes and her expressions. and its currencies
Me holding my camera and running to take pictures of her and then her slow temper getting up in the sweltering heat of the sun, touching.
At times my throbbing, in my throbbing, can’t breathe, thinking of his being cruel, his passing, leaving me with shattered hopes, above the dim light coming from the front door, When every knock for me is just a sign that he is there for him to wrap his arms around me and for me to wrap him.
And the scent of scented candles her own scent and her familiar endless conversation and the curvature of her lips, her hair strands sliding backwards as they probably haunt her inside her, the conversation, endless, telling me that the end exists Not there.
And yes, his fingers are saying so much more than his words and his eyes.
Enough to show his heart.
and his heart.
My heartbeat joined him.
In twinkling lights and in never-ending conversation, our souls unite rhythmically to unite.

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