Naagin Season 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 Feb 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Seema, Shesha, Mahek, Vish and the impostor drinking. Seema asks the fake snake why she wanders like Raghu. She says for me to tease him when the sentence comes. Seema says I’ll be back. Prarthana reaches there and disguises herself as Seema. She secretly enters. Vish looks at her. As a prayer, Seema goes to the secret room and finds another pearl from Raghu’s bracelet. She opens the door and sees Raghu in the secret room. She asks how is he? Raghu is unconscious. Prarthana takes him outside and makes him lie down on the stair, saying that she will open the back door and come. She is singing and goes to open the back door disguised as Seema. Mahek stops him and asks where you are going. Prarthana says that she feels suffocated and that she will go for some fresh air. Mehak caught him on the tail. Seema comes there and says that you can’t take the face of a VIP celebrity. Mahek says that today we will all kill you. Shesha says that Raghu is mine now, I will marry him. Prarthana says I will save Raghu from all of you, I know you have given him poison. Mahek says that you are a fool like your mother and that you gave everything for Shesha. They all turn into snakes and attack Pranath. The sentence falls. Shesha asks him to leave there quietly. The three of them turn into snake women and drive Pranath out, and Seema brings the children and drives them out too. Shesha sees Raghu on the stairs and smiles.

Prarthana takes the children from there. They come somewhere. The prayer lit the candle. The children worry about Raghu. Prarthana says that nothing will happen to Raghu. Prarthana meets Takshak Naag and asks why they are doing this as they have 9 naagmanis and anklets. Takshak tells Naag that only Shesh Naag can tell him. Prarthana says that he is sorry that you know and asks him to tell. She says that she has promised Kaal and she can’t tell him. Prarthana says ok I will go and ask Shesh Naag. Vinay overhears Mahek and others saying that Prarthana is mistaken in thinking that she has poisoned Raghu because her body has turned blue. Shesha says that once she marries me Raghu, I will get all the property from him and he will kill me. Vinay thinks that she won’t let anything happen to her brother and tells Preeti. Prarthana reaches that place and calls for Shesh Naag but he does not come. The mandap is ready for the wedding of Shesha and Raghu. Vish and Seema argue. Mehak asked them not to fight. Vinay calls Prarthana and asks her to meet him outside her house in 15 minutes, saying that she wants to tell him a secret. The sentence says that I will get there soon. Vish brings Shesha in a wedding dress. Seema brings the semi-conscious Raghu and makes him sit on the mandap. Seema blesses Shesha so that she stays black and bites people. Shesha asks Pandit ji to start the ritual.

Vinay leaves the house and tells him that Shesha is going to marry Raghu. The sentence asks why? What’s the use of that? Vinay says that he has taken advantage, then Mahek arrives and throws a knife at him and he falls down. Prarthana worries about him. The rest of the snake servants come and stop the marriage and light the fire of the Havan. Shesha says that they are servants of Shesh Naagin and says that I will burn them. She turns into a half snake and burns them. She then lights the havan kund and sits on the mandap again. Mahek and Seema bring the police and arrest Prarthana. Prarthana says that I did nothing. Seema blames Prarthana for marrying Raghu for money and then killing Vinay. Fake Raghu reaches there and accuses him of killing Vinay.

The inspector arrests Prarthana and takes her away from there. Mahek and Seema are happy. They enter and tell about Prarthana’s arrest. Vish says I’ll go and do some important work. He asks Shesha to complete the round. Takshak Nag finds out why Raghu’s body is turning blue. He believes that he will tell this to Pranath. Prarthana tells the inspector that she is innocent, that she will go and save her husband. The inspector says that all criminals say so. She remembers Vinay’s words and asks Shiv ji to help her save Raghu. She says don’t let anything happen to her. The inspector receives a call from someone and registers the police lady. The lady sheriff says they will transfer you to another jail. Takshak Nag comes to meet Prarthana. The sentence says are you here? Takshak Nag says that he has come to know why Raghu’s body has turned blue. She asks why? Takshak is about to say Naag and realizes that he is someone else. She becomes Vishakha. She asks him to tell her the secret. He says that he will never tell her. She attacks him and says that all your powers are in your head. She applies some root to his head and consumes him. She then collects her ashes and puts them in a bag. Prarthana is in another jail and worries about Raghu.

A strong wind arrives which stops Shesha and Raghu’s wedding. Mehek asks if that remaining Naagin survived. Vish comes back and says that she is in jail and there is nothing she can do. Shesha says that Raghu and I will get married at some point. The strong wind continues, followed by an earthquake. Prarthana also feels the earthquake and tries to become Naagin but instead becomes Naagin instead. She thinks how to get out. Mahek, Vish and Shesha try to stop the strong wind. The wind stops. They see a great giant snake. Mahek says a huge snake, he had never seen such a big snake before. The blue snake attacks them and they fall down. Shesha says that I know all snakes and only Shesha Naagin is powerful. The police office felt an earthquake in the area of ​​the police station. Someone comes to PS and goes to meet Prarthana.

Mehek and Seema hold hands in front of the huge snake. Seema asks Shesha and Vish to bow to the giant Vishal. Shesha and Vish refuse to bow down and say that they are the more powerful than the others. They try to attack the giant snake, but are caught. The bailiff reaches Prarthana and tells her that she is out on bail. Prarthana asks who has given her the bail. Constable says that he doesn’t know why he was masked. Prarthana rushes to Nagmahal and calls for Nagraj Takshak. She says that she used to come for a call from Naag and Naagin and that he is very understanding and takes care of everyone. She calls Nagraj Takshak and asks why you don’t come.

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