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Naagin Season 6 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishabh sees Pratha as Naagin

Naagin Season 6 Oct 30, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Pratha asking Mahadev to show him the divine gate of the treasure. Naagmani does not come out of his navel. Pratha wonders why Naagin didn’t come. Mayuri arrives there and says that you have come in your real avatar. She says that it is Moorni, her enemy, she is Mayuri. Pratha and Mayuri begin to fight. Mayuri says that there is no moon today, so your power is half. Mayuri attacks Pratha in the form of a peacock, which is a half snake and half human avatar. Pratha also fights back and kills Mayuri. Mayuri continues to attack Pratha. Pratha is injured and falls unconscious. Pandit ji is doing aarti while everyone is standing. Pratha comes to his senses and says that whenever Kaal comes, the Savior comes to put an end to it, and when the Moon does not come, Kali comes. Another snake arrives there and fights with Mayuri. Pandit ji and others saw Nag and Nagin in the temple. Rudra says how will we know who is Shesh Naagin? Pratha sees another snake fighting Mayuri and wonders who she is. The second snake takes a human avatar and is about to leave. Pratha makes him swear by Mahadev and asks him to show her face. Prarthana turns and Pratha is surprised to see her in the form of a snake. Prarthana says that she is Shesh Naagin, the serpent of Naagin. Pratha says you are Shesh Naagin. Jang gets there and sees them. Prarthana assumed the form of Shesha Naagin and Pratha saw Naagmani. The door appears in front of them. Zhang smiles. Pratha learns that Prarthana had attacked Rishabh. Prarthana asks for prayer when you came to know that you are a snake. Prarthana asks when did you come to know that you are Naagin. She says that she has turned into a snake to fulfill his responsibilities. Pratha asks if the professor knew, if he made you understand Naagin’s responsibilities. Jang thinks Raichand hit the jackpot and thinks of bringing Shesh Naagin there when that particular Nakshatra comes around.

Rishabh tells Rudra that they will search for Shesh Naagin. Pratha prays to Mahadev and prays that his powers are put to good use. Rishabh comes there. Mayuri attacks Rishabh. Pratha takes half of Naagin’s avatar and says that I won’t leave you today, she attacks Mayuri. Rishabh sees Pratha as a half snake and is shocked. Pratha takes down Mayuri. She brings Rishabh home and thinks that he will not be the same Rishabh when he regains consciousness. She hears someone approaching, turns into a snake, and climbs out the window. Rudra arrives there and calls Rishabh. Rishab regains consciousness and remembers seeing Pratha as a snake. Rudra asks what happened. Pratha returns to the Nag Mahal and talks to the frame of her maternal grandmother and tells her that she wanted to lead a normal life, but that she was made to be the rest of the snake. She says that she sacrificed her powers to raise Anmol and that her second daughter married her daughter’s love. She says that today her husband saw Naagin’s avatar and told her that she cannot be a good mother or wife, how to go home and look Rishabh in her eyes. She sits. She believes that she has to face the truth and cannot run away. She arrives home and Anmol stops her. Pratha feels that Rishabh told my truth to everyone. She sees Rishabh standing and thinks that she told everyone the truth. Anmol says that she asked her to stop because there is rangoli on the ground. She says that Prarthana is a good creator.

Rudra questions Prarthana and tells him that he has color in his face. She tries to clean it. Rudra says that she will clean it and she will clean it with her handkerchief. Anmol stops and looks at them. His friend tells him it’s SRK style. Anmol says that Rudra didn’t look at me properly and says that he will stare at me when he sees my hot gaze. Prath arrives at her room. Manya is giving sweets to Rishabh. Rishabh says that your mom cheated on me in love and then says that he never cheated on her. Manya says that I want the same love between my husband and me. Pratha says sorry Rishabh. Rishabh asks what? To hide the truth from me, to distrust me to trust. Pratha says I thought I’d tell you. He says that 23 years passed and you didn’t have 23 seconds to say. He says that I never believed Naag and Naagin and says that my lover is Naagin, whom I married. He says I want to listen if you want to tell something, and asks her to lie, who was she? He asks her to tell him the truth, who is she? Pratha thinks there is another truth. She says Rishabh… Chanda arrives there and asks them to come down for Diwali Puja. rishab leaves. Chanda sits down with Pratha and says I know you’re worried and says I understand a mother’s pain. She says that Anmol was very happy, but she lost her happiness and asks him to explain that life does not end.

Prarthana prepares for Diwali festival. Rudra arrives there and asks her to stop, says one thing is missing, brings vermilion and satisfies her demand. She says that this sindoor unites two people forever and the relationship is very scared. She turns to leave and asks him to put down her dupatta. She asks me if she didn’t leave him. She sees that her dupatta is stuck to the chair, releases it and leaves.

Prarthana sees Prarthana leave and follows her to the terrace. She says I want to talk to you. Prarthana refused to listen. Pratha asks her not to forget that she is her mother and pushes her away. The sentence falls. Everyone hears the sound inside the house. The practice requires the incarnation of half a snake. Prarthana tells her not to think that she is Shesh Naagin. She takes the incarnation of Shesha Nagin. Pratha says I can see the revenge in your eyes. Prarthana says yes, I have come for revenge and keep Pratha on my tail. She asks why you have come to this house. Pratha says let’s save this country. Prarthana says that then you married the boy who is a traitor. She says that you have come here to take revenge, but you love her. Rishabh remembers her marriage to Pratha. The custom says that Rishabh is not a traitor, he had misunderstood, he is your father. Prarthana says no, he is not my father, he was killed by your anti-national husband. A strong wind comes, they close the door. Prarthana says that my father sent you to save the country and you married him and gave birth to me. She says that my father gave me good values, and he is good that he made me Shesh Naagin, now I can take revenge on your husband. Custom says that my husband did not kill your father. Prarthana says that he killed my dad and gets angry. She brings a storm and fire. She tells Pratha that Rishabh is ruining the country again after 20 years and that my dad called you to save the country from the pandemic and you married a traitor. Pratha says that Rishabh is not a traitor. Prarthana says all the evidence is pointing fingers at her and you refuse to believe. Chanda makes the aarti. Rishabh look. Pratha says that he is your father. Prarthana says that he is not my dad, my dad is dead. Pratha tells him that he is alive, he loves Anmol very much, but when he comes to know that Rudra loves you, he marries you to her. She says that Rishabh loves the country more than him.

Prarthana says that love is blind and says that he felt love for 2 minutes, but then he realizes that he is a cheater and cannot love anyone. Custom says I won’t let anyone scratch. Prarthana says that she will kill everyone and says that Anmol stopped her so that she would not be embarrassed at the Diwali party. Prarthana asks if she saw your father’s dead body in your arms. Prath says I saw. Prarthana asks why you can’t feel my pain. The custom says that a snake takes revenge, but the rest of the snake takes revenge for the country and does not take revenge personally. Prarthana says that her country has changed. Pratha says that he will get it out in 2 days. Prarthana says that he will kill Rishabh in 2 days. The custom takes the sentence by the tail. The sentence assumes the form of a complete snake. Prayer lights a fire around prayer. The prayer quenches the fire and holds Pratha on its tail. So she leaves him. She then throws fireballs at Pratha. Pratha sets fireballs to stop them. Here comes the prayer. Chanda asks him to take the aarti. She asks Rudra to come and perform the aarti. Pratha also comes there. Chanda calls him for aarti. Pray and pray aarti. Anmol signed her friends.

Zhang tells his comrades that the rest of the snake has been found. Raichand says that we will review our deal, that I will get more when Shesh Naagin is my bahu. Zhang punches a man and says that he hates greedy people. Raichand is surprised. Anmol drinks alcohol and thinks it will be a new beginning.

Precap: Rishabh says that Jang and his men will find Shesh Naagin and take him there. Pratha tells Rishabh that she is not Shesh Naagin. Rishabh asks who is Shesh Naagin. Pratha prays and says that she married Rudra to take revenge on her. Rishabh asks what? Pratha says that she wants revenge on you. Pratha asks Mahadev to save her husband from her daughter. Chanda asks Pratha to be careful because her mangalsutra was stuck. Prarthana says that her avenging fire will burn. Custom says that she could burn you.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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