Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 Oct 29, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with everyone coming to Anmol. Anmol wakes up and says that he doesn’t want to lecture anyone, and blames Rishabh for giving Rudra the hand of prayer. She says you didn’t think of me even once and you took my love from me. Custom says that you must have thought of Anmol once. Rishabh says that he was not in my hands, we cannot love anyone by force. Anmol says that he loved her very much. Rishabh and Pratha lead Anmol inside. Rudra tells Prarthana that whatever happened was not right and says that the way we got married is not right even though I love you. Prarthana says it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have sat in Anmol’s place. Pratha reaches Anmol and asks him to eat. Anmole refuses. Urvashi goes to Anmol and instigates her against prayer, saying that your parents’ eyes are only on prayer. Anmol says that is not true. Urvashi tells Patli that they should do something big. Keeping the prayer pallu with him, Patli burned her pallu. Rishabh and Rudra set it on fire. Rishabh asks Anmol how the fire started. Urvashi says that there will be no fire in Anmol’s heart. Anmol comes to his room and throws Rudra out and frames her pictures of him. She sits and cries.

Urvashi and Patli arrive there. Urvashi tells Anmol that you have been very supportive of the prayer, if you had walked away from the mandap then what was the need for her to sit in the mandap. She says that it was her drama, she maybe she was in love with Rudra and therefore she took advantage. Patli says they were in office together and we didn’t think it would happen. Urvashi tells Anmol that she is a fool for hurting herself and asks her to keep him close to her eyes and she will break up her marriage as if she had broken up her marriage. Rudra and Prarthana leave. Anmol stops them and asks them to attend the Diwali party. Rudra says that I have done you much harm and I will not stay here. Pratha says to let them go on their honeymoon. Anmol says that I consider Prarthana as my sister, and says that she realized that it was a one-sided love, and says that she should forget it and celebrate Diwali. She says that if you go, everyone will think that Anmol was sad and if you stay behind, they will think that Anmol has no effect. Rudra agrees. Anmol asks them to stay in the decorated room, which was decorated for them. She asks him to tell people that he has broken up with her.

Prarthana asks Rudra why he said that he loves her. Rudra says I love you. She says that I sat on the mandap thinking I’ll make Anmol sit on the mandap. He says: I know I won’t get close to you, and I’ll wait for the day he loves her too. Prarthana tells her that she will sleep on the sofa. Rudra says I will sleep. She says that she has to work on some information and that she has to work alone. She feels that she cannot risk Prarthana’s life. She thinks about taking this diary.

Pratha thinks that there is definitely something that made Prarthana marry Rudra. Rishabh gets there and sees wax falling on her hand. He finds her right hand. Pratha says that there is so much pain in his heart that he cannot feel it. Prarthana wakes up at night and goes to Rudra to take the pill from her. She wakes up and asks what is she doing? She says that she came to cover you with a blanket and I fell. Rudra goes to work. Rishabh and Rudra talk about the Vasuki temple and Shesh Naagin will open the treasure door. He says that Vasuki Nag had taken the incarnation of him when the attackers tried to get the treasure, and then he took samadhi and the door was closed. He says that the remaining snakes will come there to open the door. He says that Zhang and his pettiness need the remaining snakes to find the treasure. Zhang meets up with the team members and tells them that Vasuki is guarding the snake’s treasure and that we have planned to get it. He says that all the Naags and Naagins including Shesh Naagin will come there. He says that we have to find Naagin rest. Rishabh says that we have to go to Vasuki Shesh Naagin. Prarthana overhears them and decides to go there and take revenge on her. Rishabh comes to Pratha and tells him that he is looking for Shesh Naagin and that he will go to the Vasuki temple. Pratha says that she will come with him.

Later, Rudra helps Prarthana close the zipper on her dress. She says that she has a job and leaves. Prarthana says I will go with you. Rishabh says I will go alone. Pratha says I want to come and pray for my daughter. Rishabh says that she is fine. Rudra says that I cannot take you. Prarthana says that she will come. Rishabh says let’s go. She looks at Anmol and says that he has given her happiness by moving on in life. Anmol says that he has managed the Diwali festival here. Pratha asks him to come with her. Anmol refuses and thinks that he will break up Prarthana’s marriage.

At the Vasuki temple, Rishabh and Rudra are sitting down for a special bath. Pandit ji talks about its importance and says to start the bath. Prayer and prayer poured water on the heads of their respective husbands. Urvashi says that custom and prayer are together today. Patli calls someone and throws the snake into the air. Here comes the peacock flying in the air. Urvashi says that he has come. Another snake came out of the basket. Patli names the peacock as Mayuri and she eats the snake. Mayuri turns human and says that she will test Naag and Naagin today, she is happy.

Rishabh asks Pandit ji if there is any secret door or cave here. Pandit ji says that no one has seen it. Rudra says that he has heard that only the rest of the snakes can see that door. Pandit ji says that this is a belief. Sentence 3 thinks about finding out about traitors. Custom says that worship is allowed. Pandit ji says that the couple should worship. She asks God to save her two daughters from the storm. Urvashi and Patli arrive there. Urvashi says you won’t know where the storm will take you.

Mayuri arrives there. Patli says that this is my granddaughter Mayuri, who is a devotee of Shiva. Mayuri says that today she will dance to receive a blessing from Shiva. She starts to dance. Pratha believes that she is not an ordinary girl. Rudra’s father, Raichand, comes out. Jang says you’re upset that your son didn’t marry Rishabh’s daughter. He says that once Shesh Naagin opens the door, it will open.

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