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Naagin Season 6 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 27 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Kalia naag saying that Puloma wanted to give our naagmani to Singhika to get more powers. He tells that when Nageshwari was praying, Puloma attacks Nageshwari to get the gem from her navel, but she is unable to get it. She gets 8 gems with it. Nageshwari snaps out of her meditation and is shocked to see the state of Naag Lok. He goes to Kaliya Naag and asks how to stop Puloma. Kaliya naag gives him her anklet and tells him that this naagraj is made of ghungroo which is divine, Puloma can’t do anything.

Puloma tells Singhika that he has brought 8 gems and he will bring the last 9 gems very soon. Nageshwari comes there and tells him that she cannot get 9th place because she has Divya Payal. She dances in front of Singhika’s idol. Puloma first smiles and then worries. Puloma falls and dies. Nageshwari goes to Singhika and gets all the powers of the 8 gems in that anklet. Back in the present, Pratha asks what to do now. Patali tells Singhika that she wants Payal. Custom establishes that Puloma’s wish cannot be fulfilled until he finds the anklet. He asks them to save Payal from them. Rituals and prayers ask him about the future of the afterlife. He says that he can’t tell them. They see Payal turning red. Kaliya Naag says that someone is trying to get Singhika’s powers and asks them to stay away from Singhika and Raastal Lok. Patali tells Anmol that Singhika is shining which means Payal is here and Naagin is here too. Pratha asks Prarthana not to look back and tells her that she will distract them. Pratha tries to stop the evil trio, but his powers don’t work on them. The evil trio smiled. Patali asks Anmol to get the anklet for Naagin. Anmol runs after her and attacks Prarthana and asks her to give him the anklet. Prarthana refused even if she had to die. Anmol throws her weapon at him and hurts her hand. Anmol is about to attack him but Prarthana retaliates. Pratha tells Jai Bhole Nath and attacks them. Urvashi hides. Pratha is about to kill Patali, when Patali calls out for prayer in Pratha’s voice and asks him to save him. Pratha is shocked and stops. Anmol runs after him with the gun. The prayer reaches towards the ritual near the statue of Simhika. Pratha tells Prarthana to go away. Anmol attacks Prarthana and Payal falls. Patali gets payal and says that she had 9 mani, now she also has payal. Pratha thinks that Prarthana might be dead because her spine is injured. Prarthana asks him to go and save Payal. Takshak Nag feels that something bad is going to happen.

The ritual takes the prayer into the form of a snake, makes a paste and applies it to the back of the prayer. Patali takes Payal to his Sardar. Sardar says that Rakshasa Vansh was waiting for Payal and appreciates her. He says that tomorrow will be the night that the power of his Rakshasa clan will be at its peak. The sentence picks up and she apologizes to Pratha. Tashk Nag reaches there and tells him that tomorrow they will try to make Singhika happy. Patali tells Sardar that tomorrow he will get all the powers from him and asks him to invite all his clans. She tells him that they will get powers from Singhika, then they can burn the world. Amol smiled. Pratha tells Tashk Nag that they will not let them succeed. She says that they have kept Rishab and 9th’s money somewhere with our enemy, which we don’t know about. She says we’ll look for her.

Patali and others reach the place where Rishabh lies unconscious. Patali tells the lady that he has taken very good care of her. Anmol sees Rishabh and calls him dad. He says that she used to love him but he hates me when he loves prayer. She says that once he gets the powers, she will kill him. Patali tells Anmol that she will rule the world. Amol smiled. Patali talks to the lady and tells her that she is living such a life for this day. Everyone leaves. Rishab leaves and grabs Naagmani, thinking that she could never think that Anmol could do this to her. She says that I will not let the enemies take the naagmani.

Anmol comes home and asks Rudra why he is crying. Rudra tells Anmol that Prarthana has betrayed him. He says that he went to the lawyer and then talked to the pundit, learning that the marriage never took place and that Prarthana had bribed the actor to play the pundit. Anmol feels that he did all this but he blames Prarthana.

Urvashi, Anmol and Patali are in the car. The car stops. Urvashi says that he needs to change the tire. Urvashi asks Anmol to bring the stone from there. Anmol goes to take the stone, when Prarthana hits him on the head and takes him aside. Pratha stuns Urvashi and takes the avatar from him. The sentence takes the form of precious. They sit in the car and wave to each other.

Urvashi and Anmol regain consciousness and find themselves imprisoned by Ritwik. They ask why did you tie us up? Ritwik tells her that he is her enemy, and with prayers and rituals. He tells that they have gone with Patali.

Patali reaches that place in the form of Urvashi and Anmol with rituals and prayers. Sardar comes there. Patali asks Anmol to greet her. Anmol (Prayer) and Urvashi (Pratha) congratulate them. Sardar says that today he will awaken Singhika’s powers. Patali says that she will make Singhika wear the anklet. Anmol (Prayer) calls her Patali ji and asks if she can make Singhika wear the anklet. Patali says that you are our future and gives payal in her hand. Anmol (Prayer) smiles.

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