Naagin Season 6 27 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Shanglira tries to kill Prath

Naagin Season 6 27 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Shanglira tries to kill Prath

Naagin Season 6 27 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Shanglira tries to kill Prath

Naagin Season 6 27th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratha learns that Shanglira had hypnotized Rishabh’s cousins ​​to get Rakta Kamal/Rakta Kamal. She worships with Rishabh. Shangrila/Shanaya waits for them to get the blood lotus. Mahek goes to her and says that her wish will not be fulfilled. Lalit goes to Shanaya and flirts with her. Mahek asks her to take Shanaya inside the temple. Shanaya says that she cannot do this as she is going through her monthly problem. Seema calls Lalit, and he goes inside the temple. Mahek tells Shanaya that she will not get her poison back. Pratha hopes that Rishabh will not find out about Shanlira’s poison. Dadi asks Pandit ji if there is any snake here which can drink the milk of Prasad.
Panditji says no. Pratha thinks that she will fulfill Dadi’s wish and drinks milk as a snake. Dadi thanks Mahadev for fulfilling her wish. Shanlira thinks that she will get back her poison through Pratha’s husband. She turns into an old lady and asks for Prasad from Rishabh. Rishabh says that he will get it from the temple and asks her to accompany him. She says that she cannot enter without flowers and she does not have money to buy flowers. Rishabh gives his flower garland. Pratha notices.

Shanglira takes poison from the temple and runs away. Pratha catches her near the banks of Yamuna and says that she will not let her spoil the water of Yamuna. She takes her serpent form and tells Shanglira that Shanglira is a lab grown serpent, but she is Shiva’s chosen Sheshnagin. She multiplies herself. Shanglira attacked him with fire. She survives Shanglira’s attacks and punishes her. Shanlira begged him to forgive the custom and said that he had heard that Indian people are very polite. Prath forgives him. Shanglira returns her poison. When Pratha stabs her in the middle of her spine, Pratha takes her and turns. Pratha remembers that the professor said that if she was attacked in the middle of her spine she would die where her naagmani is. The professor notices climate change and realizes something is wrong. Pratha requests Mahadev to help her and captures Shanglira. Shanglira turns to stone. Mehek reaches there and is shocked to see Praya seriously injured. She gets angry and says that if something happens to her sister, she will not spare anyone. Mahek takes Prath to the professor and requests him to somehow save Preetha. Professor says that he cannot save Sheshnagin who is himself a power house. Mehak pleaded with him to find a way out. The professor says that only Shalaka whose face is stolen by Shanglira can save Pratha by killing Shanglira. Mahek asks where can she get Shalaka. He is said to be behind the Nilgiri Mountains in the Chandrashila forest.

Mehak reaches Shalaka’s house and sees her covered with snow. She clears the snow around Shakala and requests her to help revive the life of Sheshnagin Pratha by killing Shanglira. Shalaka says that if she can help Sheshnagin then her sins will be washed away. Mahek takes Shanglira to Pratha. Shalaka congratulates Pratha and says that she is lucky to have helped her. Mehak says that she has to kill Shangril by morning. The professor asks Mahek to return to Rishabh’s house, so that he can stop suspecting anyone. Mahek refuses to leave Pratha alone, but agrees to the professor’s assurance to protect Pratha until her return. At Rishabh’s house, Rishabh files a missing complaint of Pratha. Inspector Vijay walks up to him and jokes that his wife has also eloped with someone tired of him. Rishabh gets angry. Vijay says that she must have gone with his security officer Heena Khanna. Mehak enters the garb of Pratha and smiles seeing Vijay. Rishabh gets jealous seeing this. She says that she went to the temple of Nagdevta to give milk to the Nag Devta and is tired, so she will go and take rest. Rishabh wonders why he is feeling Vijay smiling when he only wants to know Pratha’s real identity.

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