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Naagin Season 6 27 February 2022 Written Episode: Lalit already knows the reality of Mehek

The episode starts with Seema saying that I will get Ritesh married to Pratha. Urvashi wants to break Rim and Rishabh’s marriage after knowing Ritesh’s truth, I don’t mind. Urvashi tells Riya that we will let Rim and Rishabh get married and I will find you a good husband. Lalit praises Seema for this act of her. Finally I stuffed the key in the toy. Urvashi apologizes for hurting Seema and Ritesh, asks them to stay as friends and get Rim and Rishabh married. Seema praises Preet, describing her sweetness. Everyone gets shocked seeing Seema’s turn. Seema asks Pratha’s father to allow Ritesh and Pratha’s marriage. Lalit says marriage must happen today. Pratha’s father requests Pratha to marry Ritesh, her engagement is also broken, I am also a heart patient, please marry her. Rishabh tells Ritesh that she is marrying only for money. Pratha agrees for the marriage. Seema offers her her dress, asking her to get ready for the night. Dadi says today is Shivratri, and on this good day your kids are getting married, get Shiva’s blessings. Everyone agrees and goes to get ready.

Mehak realizes that she is losing her powers, she prays to Shiva to bless me, today is the red moon of Shivratri, and we can’t bear the red light of Nag-Nagin Moon and I am in real form. I will change, I will leave from here that no one sees me when my skin changes. Mehak seems to be taking a week too long. As soon as the red moonlight falls on it, it falls. She eventually turns into a serpent. Mehak hurts while changing his skin. Mehak says I will kill that Asura before midnight and needs to find that Shesh-Naagin soon. She prays to Lord Shiva, please help me to take revenge on Shesha-Nagin, to save this country. Please come for Shesha-Nagin, who lives in the Nilgiri mountains, who prays to you.

While getting ready, Rim remembers his childhood days with Rishabh. Rishabh comes and tells him that Ritesh will marry Pratha. Rim says if Riya is not getting married then I cannot marry you. Rishabh says you mean a lot to me and I want to marry you.

Mehak goes to Shiva temple and prays that I be given enough strength that I can kill that Asura. Mehak says please reach and help me. Mehek faints when suddenly so many Nag-Nagins come to bestow her power. Mehek gets her power back.
Aghori, Nagin, Nag, Manav and Rishabh and Ritesh families come to the Shiva temple and offer prayers in the Shiva temple. Dadi tells that this Shiva temple is 300 years old and whenever all the couples worship here they get married for 7 births.
Seema, Urvashi, Pratha and Rim come. Ritesh tries to see his bride, but Dadi stops saying that he cannot see the bride’s face before the wedding.

While going to Shiva for prayer, the custom dupatta catches fire. Rishabh saves her by pouring water on her. Dadi asks them to go and change. Mehek comes saying that I need to kill that Asura soon. Lalit thinks I will sign that deal soon to destroy this country. Lalit asks Seema if she has done a good job. Everyone prays one by one, then Rim’s hand trembles, she opens the puja plate, but the custom catches up with her. Grandmother praises him. Lalit is called and leaves. Ritesh tells Pratha that I cannot believe that we are getting married. Mehek thinks how to find that Asura. He comes up with the idea of ​​giving aarti to everyone to find that Asura. Mehak gives aarti to everyone and finds out that Lalit is the only Asur who is a terrorist. Finally, on Shivratri day I found him, now I will do my work.

Lalit goes to pick up the phone. Mehek follows her. Lalit realizes that someone is following him, but turns around and finds Mantri. They both discuss that we should go and get the agreement signed at the back of the temple with all precautions. That minister is none other than Mehek. The rest of the family members leave. Rim asks Urvashi about Riya. Urvashi assures that Riya will get a good groom. Seema assures that Riya will find a good groom, and I don’t want my daughter to cry. Pratha addresses Seema as ma’am and says she will come with my father. Seema asks Pratha to call her mother. Take some practice.

Lalit thinks where is the consignment. But ministers become serpents.
Maya tells Pratha that I saw the serpent, she will kill you, will be father-in-law and you will not get married.
Mehak turns into Naagin, but Lalit laughs and says you will be in trouble. He tells that Manyak had already told me that Mehak is a naagin. Mayank asked for money but he did not give it. Mayank tells Pratha that no one can save him. Pratha says I will save her.
Lalit tells that I gave money to snake charmers, now who will save you. I will not die today but you will die. Mehak tells that Shiva ji will not let his Nag-Nagin die. Lalit says let’s wait and see.

A flock of capers comes playing their flute. Lalit says you will not survive today, you are surrounded by these snake leaves and these capers. No one can save you, neither Shiva nor he. Pratha is looking for Lalit. Megan tries to attack Lalit and Ceperus, but she doesn’t get a chance and feels weak. Mayank tells Rishabh that you and your father’s death is certain. I had told this thing to Pratha also. Rishabh holds his collar and asks where is his father. Mayank points his finger and asks her to save him if he can.

Mehak dances to the tune of flute with the song Main Teri Dushman, Main Naagin To Sepra. Pratha is looking for Lalit. Mehek faints after dancing, they capture her in a net. Pratha asks Lalit if he is fine. Rishabh enters the forest and starts searching for Lalit. Pratha goes to rescue Mehek, but Lalit stops her that she is a Naagin. Pratha goes to her, and keeps looking at her. In the end, Pratha shouts at her top voice, that she too is the naagin, the best serpent. All the temples are shown accompanied by Shivaji and Nageshwaraya Sangeet, and the custom is transformed into its original form of the serpent.

Precap:- Pratha and Rishabh stand with garlands. Pratha says I will get married in terrorist family to save my country, while Rishabh tells Praya that she will get stuck in your own game.

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