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Naagin Season 6 25th September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 Sep 25, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Pratha mixes Suhasini and Anmol with each other. Jeet believes that according to his calculations, the next attack will be on the minister. He sees that the minister is on the show and thinks to save her by going on the show. The fashion show begins. Anmol arrived at the fashion show as a sensation. He notices Rudra. Rudra looks down. Rishabh, Pratha and others applaud for them. Prarthana takes a bite out of the show topper. A model falls. Everyone goes to him. Ronnie is worried and asks who will present the best outfit for her if the model is injured. She suggests priceless prayer. Prathana refuses but Anmol convinces her. In the next round, Prerna enters the stage wearing a veil. Jeet realizes it’s prayer and wonders why she came here. Prayer is about to remove the veil from him. Tara says that my enemy is going to be attacked. Attack on the Minister Everyone gets the message that someone has planted a bomb at the event. They all run in different directions.

Rudra asks Pratha and Rishabh to come out and says that he will bring Anmol. Rudra hands over Anmol to Pratha. He breaks into the minister’s safe. A member of his team informs him that the minister has been attacked. Rudra realizes that the minister was attacked with a poisonous flower pin. Rudra realizes that someone is running away with a bomb. Rudra follows the man along with Rishabh. Anmol ran inside to save Rudra. The bomb fell near his feet. Prarthana transforms into a snake and saves Anmol by throwing a bomb. Jeet looked at him in shock. Anmol faints. Pratha arrives at Anmol. Anmol came to his senses. Anmol tells Pratha that the snake saved her and she asks if Rudra is alright. She says that she cannot live without Rudra, I love her. Rudra listens. He goes to Anmol and tells her that her love for her took him away. He proposes to her and asks her will you marry me? Anmol agrees. are accepted.

Prarthana tells her father that she doesn’t know what happened to him. She says if he knows. Jeet says you are Naagin. Pratha is surprised. Jeet tells her that she is joking. He hugs her. She feels that she will not let anything bad happen to her.

Tara meets the main snake charmer and tells him that she wants to get Prerna good. The snake charmer says that Shesh Naagin killed our Guru. Tara says that he killed a lot of people. Urvashi and Suhasini kill the snake charmer. The chief snake charmer asked him not to kill him. Jeet calls Prarthana and asks her to come home soon. Prathana accepts and disconnects the call. She walks into the office and notices that she is empty. Snake charmers play snake music. The skin of the soul becomes like a snake. Rudra stops them and asks what is going on. They all come out of her hiding place and say they’re surprised they’ve broken into her work. Rudra says that it is like mopping and asks them to do their job. Raman goes to Rudra and asks why you are protecting Prarthana. He says that she does it for everyone. Raman questions why she agreed to marry Anmol if he doesn’t love her. Rudra says that Anmol loves me, so she needs to get her love and I know that I will not love anyone. Raman says that someone can make you fall in love with him. Rudra says that it will not happen. Prathna talks to Neha about Amazon. Jeet calls Prarthana and asks her to come home early. Pratha agrees.

Prerna collides with Anmol and gives him space. Rudra realizes that the closet door could hurt Prarthana and locks her up. At the meeting, Rudra Prathana is about to drink coffee but she stops him. Later, Rudra tells Raman that she has to find out who is behind the attack on the ministers. Prarthana keeps hot coffee in Rudra’s room. Rudra drinks it and gives him a flash drive.

On the way, Sanjana tells her husband that Rudra will not be attending the call. They decide to pick up Rudra from the office. Tara falls on top of her car. They go out and give him money. She asks him to give her a job. They have agreed. Rudra takes off his shirt when the coffee falls. Prathan is shocked to see him shirtless. She helps him by giving him ointment and a shirt. Rudra comes out in a shirt. Pratha motions for him to take cover. Raman notices them. Prarthana meets Rudra in her room and tells him the job is done. He gives him her papers. She drops them by mistake. Rudra helps her. Raman notices them and goes to the hut. Sanjana asks Vivek to hire Tara at her office. Tara smiled. Sanjana and her husband ask Rudra to come as you are engaged today. Prathana sees him and leaves. Tara gives Prarthana coffee. Prarthana tells him that I am leaving and that you are the one who received me just before the temple. Tara agrees. Prathana asks why she is looking at him like that. Tara says you look like my daughter. She says that they have an age difference. The prayer is gone. Tara thinks about getting revenge on Pratha for killing her daughter.

Jeet meets Suhasini and tells her why he swapped the children. Suhasini says that he did not. Jeet says that you are the one who exchanged them and Prarthana is Naagin and Anmol is my daughter, but I can’t tell him because they are related to the family they grew up with. Suhasini smiles and says that Prerna is Naagin as her mother is Naagin. Rudra and her parents are about to get into the elevator. Prarthana gets there, but the elevator doors are locked and trapped. Rudra calls the watchman. The watchman asks how they used the elevator they are repairing. Sanjana and the others freak out. The elevator is about to fall at high speed due to the broken cables, but Prarthana in snake form stops the elevator.

The episode ends.

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