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Naagin Season 6 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 Sep 24, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Prathana dances to the sound of the snake charmer’s flute. She falls near the temple. She yells mother. Pratha turns around and falls to the ground. Naagmani leaves his army. Chanda asks Praya if she is okay. Pratha says that he is fine and escorts the girls to Anmol’s room. Pratha notices that Anmol is sleeping on the ground and is unaffected by the red moonlight. She sings Om Namah Shivaya. The snake charmers tried to catch the prayer with a net. Prarthana drinks milk from a pot near Shiva. She faints. With Shiva’s blessings, the Naagmani enters the navel of prayer. she wakes up. The snake charmer says no one can save you from me tonight. Prath is glad to see Anmol. She sees the storm and thinks that it is not a normal storm and that something is about to change in this world. Prathana confronts the snake charmer, how dare she challenge her? She transforms into her remaining snake form and says that she is the best snake. Snake charmers play the flute. Prathana kills them. She feels dizzy and falls to the ground.

Professor Jeet awaits the sentence. He sees the storm and wonders what is he signing? Hope is not Pratha’s daughter. Pari asks Takshak who will tell her the target sentence for her. Takshak says that this world will guide him. Later, Prarthana wakes up and wonders what happened to the snake charmers and why they passed out. She doesn’t remember anything, then she sees the time and goes home with glasses. Pratha looks at the shadow of a person and goes to see who it is. Nageshwari turn. Custom says, Dadi, this is an impossible event. Nageshwari says that an unexpected event is about to happen. Pratha wakes up from her dream and wonders why she had that dream.

Prathana returns home. Jeet asks where she went she all night. Prarthana says that she had gone to complete the work assigned by her boss. Jeet says you speak without a stutter. She stutters to handle it. Jeet asks if she can see without glasses. She says that she can’t and wears glasses. He thinks she is clumsy. She asks her father to bring her coffee. She wonders how she fared with her vision and her stutter. She buys a similar frame for her father to drive.

Rudra talks to his friend about ISRO. Prarthana enters Rudra’s room and tells him that the snake charmers thought I was a snake and tried to kidnap me. Rudra’s friend smiles upon hearing this. Rudra disconnects the call. Prathana questions why he sends her to people who are risky. Rudra says that journalism is not about men and women and if you can’t work through hard times then you can quit. Prathana apologizes to him. Rudra says that your voice is configured. The sentence stutters. Rudra says that it happens in anger. The prayer is gone.

Anmol’s friends try to please him. Anmol says that Rudra hurt me by rejecting me. Friends say he’s cool and his disapproval inspired you to move to New York and we’re with you. Rishab cleans his old weapon. Pratha tells him that they cannot force anyone and that it is good that Rudra refused. Rishabh says that Rudra wounded my daughter’s heart. Pratha asked him to break her steps because they had hurt her feet. The friends ask Anmol if he tells his father about his decision. Pratha arrives there and asks him why he is packing his luggage. Anmol says that he plans to move to New York. Rishabh says that he is good and we can make it a family trip. Pratha says that they have a charity event tonight. Anmol refuses to attend, but later agrees knowing that Rudra is coming there. She leaves with her friends. Rishabh asks how his decision has changed. Prath hugs him.

Prarthana goes to the rec room and sees the snake charmer’s photos. The sound of that flute startles Prarthana and she runs out of the room and collides with Rudra. She asks if she’s okay. She says that she is fine. Rudra asks him to come cover the show. Prathana agrees and tells him that she will come. She goes to the bathroom and wonders what is happening to her.

Rudra tells his friend and his team that someone is killing influential people and that we need to cover this incident to find out who is behind the attacks and if we find him it will be a big reveal. Pratha goes to the recording room and puts on the recording of the snake charmer. Prathna feels some sensation. Rudra calls Prarthana and asks him to come soon. Pragya meets him. Rudra scolds her for a long time. He asks her to sit in the car. They have gone to the program.

Anmol feels bad seeing Rudra at the event. She looks at the sentence and remembers Rudra’s words that she had met someone who looks exactly like Pretha. Anmol goes to Prarthana and hugs her. Prathana is surprised. Suhasini and Tara smile at the sight of them. Tara says that they came at a good time and these sisters don’t know they are sisters and they don’t realize the storm is coming. Anmol tells Prarthana that Rudra is right about her. The friends tell Anmol that Karthik Aryan is waiting for him. Anmol says that he will go to New York to meet Kartik Aaryan. Rudra listens. He asks Anmol why he is leaving, since he is not part of his agenda. Anmol says that many things are happening without my wish. Rudra apologizes to her for last night and is about to tell her why she turned down the offer, but her team members call her saying that the minister is here. Anmol says to go away because I am also busy because I am the protagonist of this program. Tara says that she doesn’t know what’s going to happen tonight.

Minister inaugurating the program. Rudra asked his team to cover every inch of the incident. The minister says that the amount raised from this event will be given to charity. Tara looks at the minister. Suhasini meets Pratha and tells him that she has not changed. Rishabh says that he is saying the same thing. Suhasini thinks that she will not change since she is Hum Naagin but Khushi will leave her life.

The episode ends.

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