Naagin Season 6 17th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha learns that her father is the mastermind Asur Sardar

Naagin Season 6 17th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha learns that her father is the mastermind Asur Sardar

Naagin Season 6 17th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha learns that her father is the mastermind Asur Sardar

Naagin Season 6 17th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

When the dacoits enter the shop, Rishabh takes Pratha to a jewelry showroom. Rishab fights with them. Pratha tried to take the form of a serpent, but failed. The dacoits caught Rishabh. Pratha tries to help her and is shot in the shoulder by the goons. Rishab snatches the gun and shoots the goons on their knees. Police reach there and handle the situation. Rishabh ties his handkerchief around Pratha’s injury and asks why he risked his life when she told that he married her for money. she sees him. Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahaan.. The song is playing in the background. He picks her up. She looks at the globe dancing on the floor and picks it up. He takes her home and the doctor treats her. The smell comes from Prath. Pratha tells her that she cannot take her serpent form. Mehak suspects that someone from the family might have stolen the naagmani from her stomach when she removed the naagmani from her stomach during Brahma Abhishek and asks who was present during the puja. The custom says only he and Baba/Sardar.

During dinner, Rishabh narrates how he and Pratha saved the jewelry store from theft. Ashi asks how Pratha was shot. Rishabh says that when the dacoits were trying to shoot him, Pratha came and stood in the middle as if he had superpowers and was shot. Seema thanks Pratha for risking her life and saving Rishabh. Rishabh returns to his room talking on the phone when Pratha sees a live wire on the floor and saves Rishabh. Tose Naina Jabse Mile.. The song is playing in the background. She then informs him that there is a live wire on the floor. He pulls the wire and asks who would have done it. Pratha says she doesn’t know and wonders who wants to kill Rishabh. She walks downstairs and joins the family. Sardar gets a message from Rehan that he will kill Pratha this time. He messages Rehaan to meet him back in his room. Rehan meets him. The Sardar grabbed her throat and warned her not to dare to think of harming the custom and show her message. Rehaan refuses to send the message and leaves. Sardar wonders who must have sent the message then. Pratha enters and says that she asked Mehak to message her through Rehan’s phone asking if he is Asur Sardar and asks him to return his naagmani. She looks for Naagmani all over the room. He hits her injured shoulder with the naagmani and runs away. She falls down and moans in pain. Rishabh and Mehek walk up to her and help her lie down on the floor. Mehak then asks Rishabh to leave and lets him live with Pratha. Rishab leaves. Prath falls asleep.

Sardar escapes and reaches the Himalayas where he calls his foreign friend and says that instead of just poisoning the Yamuna river, he will pour poison through his daughter into the main river that flows through the Himalayas across the country. Will poison He informs Pratha through Naagmani that he is the 5th mastermind Asura who has his Naagmani and asks her to come to Himalaya. Prath wakes up and reaches there with Mehek. Sardar told him that he is the 5th Asura and a traitor of the country and could not save his wife from evil boys, she did not get justice and the boy was punished through law. He justifies his act and the point of poisoning the entire country. Prath requests to give him poison. He tells that he is Sheshnagin whose body has booth poison and nectar/nectar and his poison can kill the country.

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