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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidhi’s house in danger

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Nov 9, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Dev asking Vidhi to come to her cabin. Vidhi thanks Milapani Devi for the opportunity for her and asks her to bless her so that she can tell Dev Sir about her feelings. Arjun arrives there and asks Vidhi to join him for coffee. Vidhi says that he still has a job and goes to Dev’s hut. Dev remembers Yogesh’s words and says that I want to talk to you about something important. The method takes notepad to write. Dev doesn’t say it and says I want to talk to you about friendship. He says we’ll make friends carefully and says that boys don’t respect girls and just want to have coffee with girls. Vidhi says that I only have one friend, Arjun, and he asked me to have coffee with him. Dev asks her not to go out with Arjuna and she refuses. Vidhi says that he doesn’t understand. Dev says that there is a big distraction and asks him to think. Vidhi says well. She says that when you talked about something personal, I should say something. He asks her to say it. Vidhi takes a deep breath and says that he wants to confess, so for the sake of confidence… she says that she wants to tell him that he… he gets a call and turns it down. He gets the call again. Dev asks her to take the call. The method says that the call is not important and says that she was saying. Dev asks him to take the call, maybe it’s something important. Vidhi goes to talk to Bimla. She answers the call. Bimla asks him to go home while some government officials arrive with notices. She says I told your father to come. Vidhi says that I will go there. He decides to talk to Dev and then stops thinking about Hariprasad’s words that he has a right to save the honor of the house. She thinks that dad doesn’t want us to depend on Dev sir for all our problems and leave the office. Anaya tries to talk to him and asks Arjun where she went. Arjun says that his things are on the table. She asks Sunehri. golden nodes no.

Officers take photos of the house and say they will seal off the place and put up a danger sign. Bimla asks them to listen. The officer asks his men to remove all belongings. Urmila and her husband go there. Urmila says that this is a manor house, we are half owners. Hariprasad comes there. The officer asks you to back off and tells you that if you stay here, a lot of people will die with you. He asks them to vacate the house. Bimla cries. Dev waits for the method and exits. He asks Anaya where is he? Anaya says that she left in a hurry. Dev says that she got a call from her house. Arjun and Dev think they are in trouble. Arjun says I’ll go see. Dev stops her and tells her that she’s looking for excuses to get out of it. He says that the method will call me if there is a problem. The officer and his men break the household items. Vidhi arrives there and gets angry. She asks who is in charge of her, I want to talk to her. The officer in charge asked her what she meant.

Vidhi says that it is our heritage, our memories are attached to it. She asks how can you do this, a family is staying here, and asks if you sent a notice here, then how can you come in here and break things in our house. She says that the Milapani Devi temple has been in our house for many years, how can you destroy things? The officer shows him the legal order and asks his men to lock up the house. Vidhi reads it and says that warning is warning, when it is given in advance. They say that if you had sent it before, we would have received the suspension order. The officer says that if she tries to create obstacles, she will be arrested. He asks them to evict the fast from the haveli and they will demolish it. He asks his men to make arrangements for its demolition. He asks them to break the house down from the outside. They say that we have to move the idol to another place, we cannot put people’s lives at risk. All the women around look surprised.

The men are going to take the idol away. The law says that no one will move the idol. They ask him to move. Vidhi tells them to kill her before touching Milapani Devi’s temple. The officer asks the men to take the idol away. Hariprasad, Bimla, Urmila, her husband and others line up to protect the idol. Hariprasad asks them to leave. Bimala says Milapani Mata ji Jai. The officer tells him that they are asking for the improvement of it, the building is old. Hariprasad says that this is a 250 year old temple. The officer argues. Vidhi says that this is our house, it needs repair, but not as you say. She says that we are taking care of Milapani Mata for 6 generations. The officer gives them 8 hours to vacate the house and leaves with his men. Hariprasad and Bimala hugged Vidhi.

Precap: Dev wonders if he’s right for Vidhi or Arjun. He thinks that Arjun is right. Vidhi asks Milapani Devi to help them, otherwise they won’t be able to go home without her.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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