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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidhi’s Presentation Impresses Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Bimla talks to Hariprasad and says that he talked to Vidhi and that he is coming home. Vidhi calls Neeli and asks if she can talk to Uncle Pratap. Neeli calls Pratap. Pratap calls. Vidhi thanks you for giving her a nice and beautiful gift. She says the latter, my boss Dev Raichand wants to meet you. Pratap asks if she is related to Shantanu Raichand. Vidhi says yes, she is his son. Pratap asks why Neeli didn’t tell me and says that life leaves me with no doubts. He asks her to ask him that as long as he is empty, they will meet. Vidhi says that I will ask him and then I will inform you. Pratap says that he is fine. Vidhi arrives home. Hariprasad tries to talk to Vidhi and remembers Seth ji’s son saying that the work is now done on the computer. He asks if he will teach her how to use a laptop or a computer. Method sits down to teach you how to use it. Hariprasad indirectly asks for coffee. Bimla says that she will bring it. Urmila and her husband arrive there and ask Bimla to bring them coffee. They look at the laptop. Urmila says that she raises so much money that they are using a laptop to calculate. Hariprasad says that you are saying the wrong thing again and says that Bada Chadva has not come. Urmila’s husband says that Dev Raichand must have given a large amount. Hariprasad says I refused. Urmila says that because Bhai Saheb refused, she put the check in her pocket and insulted Dev. Vidhi couldn’t stand it and says that it is good that Dad didn’t take money from her. She says what we could have done, if we had taken money out of greed, we would have repaired the house and the temple. She says if it’s okay, we’ll fix it with someone else’s money. Bimla is glad to see her confidence. She says that all of this is happening because of her Dev lord and insists on meeting with him for 5 minutes. Vidya shook her head. Bimla asks him to give everyone coffee.

Dev told Satyavati that she heard about Uncle Pratap today. He says that I will find him through the method. Satyavati says that it is strange, today someone else was telling me about an old friendship. She remembers that Amba told her about helping Dev through his distress. Ella then tells Dev that her father had told her about Pratap ji, but I didn’t know her. Dev says I’m thinking of giving her a gift and says it’s going to be special, what should I get her? Satyavati says that I have something for her and I will tell you. Dev asks what? She asks him to wait and says that your mother can surprise you too. She says that today you are talking and I listen happily. Dev says I’m very happy. Satyavati hopes that she will get married soon. She says that our conversation always ends with the girl. Satyavati wonders how long she will ignore my words.

Vidhi arrives at the conference room and thinks about how to connect the flash drive to the projector. Anaya arrives and helps him. Vidhi thanks her and says that she wanted to practice before the performance. Anaya says we’ll have coffee so you can get away from your nervousness. Anaya asks Sangeeta to bring them two coffees. Sangeeta brings coffee and gives it to him. Kanika arrives and says I’m having coffee here. Anaya says that Vidhi wanted to rehearse for the performance. Kanika asks Vidhi to start the presentation and tells Anaya that if anything goes wrong in the presentation she will lose her job. The method stutters and he is unable to give a presentation. Kanika scolds Anaya for wasting her time and leaves. Anaya tells Vidhi to use the last three lines first, as it is important. Vidhi says well. Anaya says good luck.

Bimla asks Hariprasad what he hides in his heart. He says nothing and asks when you will meet Dev. Bimla says that Vidhi will tell me. Hariprasad says to be told that he cannot bring changes in himself in this age, but he was wrong and says that one has to go beyond the limit of courage, not the limit of age. He asks her to tell this to Devi.

They all come to the conference room. Vidhi is scared. Kanika tells Yogesh to enjoy and says that Vidhi is already nervous. Dev gets there and says start. Vidhi gets nervous and says that I have written some points to cut costs. She says I’ve done slides. She tries to show the slide and says it won’t start. Dev sees her in a panic and asks her to calm down, to take a deep breath. He asks her to see everything and says that they are ours. He tells her to start over. The method asks me if I start again. She says that first of all I would like to thank Anaya for supporting me in this presentation. Everyone claps. Vidhi says sir, I have seen some things in the office. She says that in our office 100 cups of coffee are wasted a day, and 1 cup contains 300 ml of coffee, that is, 3 liters of coffee are wasted in a day. She calculates and says that we waste 90,000 rupees of coffee per month. She shows the presentation slides on the projector. She says that I have seen food go to waste in the pantry. She says that if we put signs there, then the food can be useful for many people, that we waste it. He says that this can bring about a change in people. She says that even more tissue paper is wasted in the office. She says that we use 20 boxes of tissue boxes in a day and adds that the trees are used to make paper. She says we control waste… Yogesh says our company has 3000 crores, and what are we talking about, and she asks what she wants to try. The method says that the jar fills with drops and also empties. She says that 1 crore is wasted from 1 office, and we have 30 offices, so 30 crore is wasted, and that is a huge amount not only for me but also for you. Dev applauds him, followed by everyone. Vida smiles.

Precap: Amba says it’s the corporate world and asks what you know about it. She scares him. Dev and Vidhi meet in kindergarten. He asks what happened? She says it’s fine. He tells her that she doesn’t lie.

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