Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev refuses to obey Bimla’s decision

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev refuses to obey Bimla’s decision

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev refuses to obey Bimla’s decision

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Dev telling Bimala that if she wants them to break up, they will break up. Bimala says that she has been handling both Hariprasad and Vidhi. Dev says I know a mother’s dilemma. I see my mother crying for Chitra, but still she supports me. He asks her to say what she will do. Bimla says that Vidhi is broken and shattered and asks if she inspired her to this day. She says that she’s glad to see you and sad when she doesn’t. She says that people fall madly in love, but both of them have been shining like pure gold and have given her love a high place. She says that she has decided to become Vidhi’s mother and asks him to take Vidhi away and marry her. She says that I am her mother and gives you permission. She says that you are blessed with two mothers, my daughter will not have a better partner than you, and she says that she wants to be with her, her love. She asks if you would marry her and take her with you. Dev says I’ll get married and whatever you say I’ll elope with her, this is the only way for her. He says that we will unite against family and society and asks if this is the only way and asks if we must prove our love is weak to lose to Hariprasad ji and society. He says that we will fall before my eyes, Vidhi will fall before my eyes when I hurt his father and I will fall before my eyes when I take a daughter from his father. Bimla says that she will not agree. Dev says I’m sorry Hariprasad ji didn’t give me a chance to explain, as soon as he found out about our love he had a heart attack. He says that he can’t throw dirt on her love and make her love fall off. He says that Vidhi loves his father so much that he cannot hurt him, his daughter is the best daughter in this world. He says that I will be strict as the law and follow the rules, and I will not be able to run away like thieves. They say that if Milapani Devi has united us, she will definitely unite us. He says that when we get his cooperation, we will soon get Hariprasad ji’s cooperation. He says we’ve won half the battle, don’t tell us to run away, our love will get cheaper, which isn’t the case.

Urmila reaches Pramod and hands over the haveli papers. Pramod says that Vidhi is not feeling well and that Bhai Sahib has just been released from the hospital. She says that we have to get our daughter married off and that we must not forget that they receive money from the temple. Just then, Pramod gets a call from the doctor who asks him to come and get Vidhi’s report. Pramod says that he is fine. Urmila says that I will also go with you.

Bimla approaches Vidhi and asks her to sit down. Bimla says that she will give him a head massage and asks if she will be her friend. Vidhi says yes. Bimla says that you have become what I wanted to be. She tells that when she went through her childhood, she got married and then did what she was taught that her husband is always right for her. Vidhi says dad and you have run your house well. Bimla says we did our best.

Pramod and Urmila arrive at the hospital. Pramod tells Urmila that it is strange that the doctor called me. Urmila says that Bimla gives everyone a job. The doctor gets there and asks them to sit down, and says that he called her on purpose and not her mother.

Bimala tells that she was lucky to get Hariprasad, but some of her desires suffocate her. She says that she used to work in a sari shop without informing him and that she doesn’t want to be completely dependent on him. She tells that husband and wife are the wheels of the vehicle. She says that they will become each other’s strength and not their weakness. She says that I learned this when I saw Dev Ji and you. She says that I have seen that Dev ji used to stand up for you, support you and understand what you want. She says that I am happy in my married life, and I want you to be very happy in your life and your decision will also be asked at home. The doctor says that Bimla said that her husband had a heart attack recently, so I called you. Pramod asks if everything is alright. The doctor says no. Pramod worries.

Vidhi is happy to hear Bimala share her feelings. Bimla says that your dad doesn’t want me to work but Dev ji supports you and doesn’t force you to do anything. She praises Dev and says that he is as deep and calm as the ocean. She says that you too will become a sea and make your own decision, if you stay with her. Vidhi gets excited. Bimla says that our era was of flowers, but your era is of selfies. She says that I saw how Dev ji said all that he sincerely loves her and that she will be proud if she marries him. She tells Vidhi that Dev and Hariprasad are the same age but their mentality was very different. She says that the NRI man was bad-minded. She says that Neeli and Pratap have a big age difference, but they are incomplete without each other. She says that she has understood that she has blossomed in Dev ji’s love, your confidence has increased.

Pramod asks to tell the doctor. The doctor says Vidhi has motor neuron disease, which affects cells in the brain and spinal cord. They say that the patient cannot survive and that there is no cure for this disease. He says that Vidhi has only 3 months of time. Pramod and Urmila are shocked.

Bimala says that life may not be long, but it will be full of happiness. Vidhi hugs him. Bimla says that I have understood that your happiness is with Dev ji.

Precap: Urmila and Pramod return home. Urmila cries. Bimala asks him to say what the doctor said. Urmila says that the doctor has said that Vidhi is incurable and only has 3 months left to live. Bimala confronts Milapani Devi.

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