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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Satyavati stunned to see Amba’s sindoor

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 29 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Vidhi telling Golden that she will meet him at the office. Golden asks Bimla why Vidhi is happy. She says that the truth is… Bimala asks her to have breakfast and not to make up stories. She wonders if Vidhi is really happy about Dev’s engagement being called off. Dev comes to the office and overhears the watchman talking about him. Rishabh and Anaya are talking about Dev and Vidhi asks if he knows that Dev loves someone. Dev gets there and says good morning. Vidhi says good morning sir. Dev says good morning Vidhi. Vidhi says I want to tell you something, and says that she always supported them. She asks if you know about Meghna, who is now in the London branch and says that when she was getting a divorce, you didn’t let anyone criticize her. She says you’ve made Namit understand. She says that we are all with you and that we will not judge you or discuss her personal matter, since in Raichand’s group we support each other and do not gossip. Everyone applauds. Dev thanks everyone and Vidhi. He says all of you got me excited. Sangeeta says that you are a good person, if we forget, Vidhi will remind us. Dev gets a call and leaves. Then Abhimanyu takes Vidhi’s hand and leads her from there. He blames her for the incidents. Law says no sir. Abhimanyu says that you said that the brother agreed to the engagement. The law says no. Abhimanyu says that the brother denied the engagement when asked by the mother. Vidhi says that there was a network problem, and Dev sir was with her and she answered him, not Abhi. She tells him that you also knew that Dev Sir doesn’t want to marry Amba. Abhimanyu apologizes and says that the brother had agreed with Chitra, the mother was right that she was sacrificing herself for us.

Yogesh tells Kanika that Arjun sent him a message that he is fine and asks her not to worry. He tells her that Arjun feels worried about Dev and asks him to take care of her, and he is with her. Kanika says that something is wrong and she will find out.

Priya tells Abhimanyu what Chitra would be doing at her in-laws house. Abhimanyu calls Chitra. Chitra gets angry with Abhi and tells him if this is not done after insulting his family. She says that she is not blocking her phone because she respects her relationship. Satyavati gets angry.

Vidhi approaches Dev and bows down to him. Dev asks what is this? He asks her to sit down. Vidhi says that Abhimanyu told him that he agreed to marry for Chitra and that he is proud to love her. Dev looks at her. Vikram tells Chitra that the doctor is afraid that Maasi will have a nervous breakdown. He takes her anger out on her and asks her not to have any relationship with Raichand.

Dev says that it seems like I’m not a bad person and tells him everything he said to her that day. Vidhi says no, sir, and swears by him. There is no age limit. Vidhi says I will go sir. Dev says that everyone is worried around me, when I see you smile, I feel peace. Vidhi says that very soon Milapani Maa will give you a reason to smile and everything will be fine. She says I’ll go now. She leaves smiling.

Chitra tells Amba that she is mad at her family just like her and apologizes to her on behalf of her family. She says please forgive me and my family. Satyavati reaches there and asks what you are apologizing for. She says that I did not do anything wrong, since I did it for the good of my family. Chitra says that it is a crime to crush someone’s feelings and she asks why did you come here. Satyavati asks him not to forget that she is her mother and says that she has been watching her tantrum for a few days. Amba replies that she saw her wisdom when she asked her son to break off the engagement. Amba says that no one is happy in this marriage. Amba says that your son is not a small child to feed him milk. She says that you have come here to do this nonsense? She says that I have done penance for 20 years to get it. She says that I am her suhagan for 20 years and shows vermilion demand. Chitra and Satyavati are shocked.

Precap: The method is happy. Bimla asks Vidhi why she is so happy since Dev’s engagement got called off. Satyavati tells Dev that Amba has put sindoor in her name. She says why Chitra couldn’t see that Amba is a poisonous woman. She says I went to explain it to her. Dev says you don’t know her, I’ve known her for many years, she can go anywhere.

Update credit: H Hassan

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