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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidhi gets admission in MBA college

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Bimala remembering the doctor’s words and feeding Vidhi. She thinks of providing him with a higher education. Vidhi rests in bed. Bimla asks him if he didn’t think of her and says that you put all the workload on me. Vidhi says I will get up. Bimla asks him not to think about anything. Hariprasad and Bimla reach Raichand’s house. Hariprasad says I won’t go in. Bimla says I won’t let them insult you. Priya reaches Abhi and asks why Vidhi’s mother came here. Abhi says what? Why has he come here after insulting his brother and his mother? Priya says it’s all a money game. Satyavati greets Bimala and asks Sunita to bring tea. Bimla says that she has come here for a reason, otherwise she would not have come. Priya congratulates him. Dev asks if everything is okay. Bimla says that first of all I want to apologize to Satyavati ji and also Dev for the behavior of her husband. She says that circumstances changed her a lot. She says that we are thinking about Vidhi’s future, that she won’t get any good alliance soon and that she is not ready now, so we have decided to educate her further. Dev says that Vidhi has a scholarship. Bimala says that Vidhi will not use that scholarship. Satyavati says that you can use it. Bimla says that she is not and asks them to accept Vidhi’s gold coin and salary check as compensation for the scholarship. Dev says that I accept it and asks him to educate Vidhi further. Satyavati asks him to drink tea. Bimla says that she has no water and she leaves. Dev tells Satyavati that Bimla has come here to restore her self-respect. Bimla comes out and tells Hariprasad that she has given money to Dev and he has accepted it. Bimla calls Vidhi as Vidhu. Vidhi gets happy and emotional. Bimla asks him to keep something safe. Vidhi opens it and finds the college admission fee receipt. Bimla says that we admit you to a good university for an MBA. She says that we have decided to make you study and asks him to make a new start in her life. Vidhi says that I will not disturb you. Bimla says don’t break our trust, our blessings are always with you. Bimala asks him to be happy and make them proud.

Dev gets a call from the university for a guest lecture. Dev says that he is fine and tells Satyavati. He says that teaching students 2-3 times a week gives him peace. He says that he hires the best students in his company. Vidhi asks Hariprasad to bless her. Hariprasad says my blessings are with you for your education.

Vidhi reaches college. The students recognize him and watch the video of him in front of him. They say that he is Dev Raichand and she is the high jumper Behenji. A girl calls Nupur Vidhi. Vidhi sits next to her. The principal arrives there and welcomes the students for the first class. He says that he has called the best businessman and guest speaker Devarath Raichand. The student says that the love story will play here. Dev reaches there and sees Vidhi.

Precap: Vidhi calls Bimla and asks if she can go for coffee with Dev sir. Hariprasad says that he is not trustworthy, it is our mistake to send him there. Dev says I love you so much and hugs Vidhi.

Update credit: H Hassan

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