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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Fires Vidhi

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The accountant tells the law to watch them. Amba plans the interior. Kanika calls Vidhi and tells Amba that Dev has asked Vidhi to write down the expenses. Kanika asks Vidhi what she thinks about the interior. Vidhi says he doesn’t know much about the interior, but the doors look good, so why spend the money? Amba says that you are honest and kind and asks if he will do her any favors. She tells him not to use her brain, lets him do the data entry work, and doesn’t suggest anything. Vidya shook her head. Dev arrives at the office and talks to Satyavati on the phone, she says that she will have food. Satyavati asks him to go to Jagrata. Dev says Vidhi invited me too and asks why I’m going there, and says Abhimanyu and Priya are going. she emphasizes. Dev says that he’s fine. Satyavati prays to Milapani Devi that Dev will meet the girl he will fall in love with.

Amba arrives at Dev’s cabin and indirectly tells her to feel at peace when someone associates his name with hers. He asks her to tell him directly. She says how stupid you are and says that you sent me an invitation as your wife. Dev says I didn’t send you the method. Amba shows him her invitation letter. Dev sees the card. Amba says that we’ve grown up and we’re not shy and asks what’s on her heart. Chitra gets there and tells Dev that she has talked to the contractor. Dev hugs her and asks her to come with Amba. She tells Amba that she will clear up the misunderstanding. Amba asks him to call her. They go. Dev yells Vidhi and walks out. Vidhi asks what happened. He asks why you broke my trust and says that I expect loyalty from you. He calls out Vidhi for his lies, comments about his family, gossip, etc. He is kicking her out of this office. He asks her to get out of it. Vidi is surprised. Kanika smiles and looks at Yogesh. Dev asks him to leave. Vidhi asks the lord why I did this and he says that he is scolding me, it means that I made a big mistake. Dev calls the accountant and asks him to send her salary to her house, telling her that he doesn’t want her to get paid at the office again. Vidhi asks what he went for. Dev asks him to leave.

Vidhi says that I don’t know what my mistake is, and says that I feel bad for having made a good person like you, I feel bad. Dev returns to his desk. Yogesh asks Kanika to call herself Black Tongue and says that she doesn’t know how it happened. Kanika says that she doesn’t know what happened? Yogesh says that seeing Dev’s anger, it seems that the matter is from Mrs. Raichand. Kanika asks her to ask and says that she will ask Vidhi to leave. She asks Vidhi to leave. The method packs the stuff from it. Yogesh asks Dev why he was angry with Vidhi. Dev says I don’t want to talk about it. Yogesh asks her to calm down and tells her that decisions made in anger are wrong. Dev says that he didn’t make wrong decisions in anger. Yogesh says you like the method, right? Dev says my decision is final and leaves.

Yogesh thinks it looks like his decision won’t change and says good decision. Vidi cries. Dave looks at him. Vidya looks at him. God goes. Vidhi puts the photo of Milapani Devi in ​​the bag. Anaya says incredible. Rishi says that she is sad. Vidhi leaves and remembers coming there with Hariprasad. She remembers Dev’s promise to Hariprasad and then Dev fired her. Sangeeta arrives there and asks Vidhi what happened. Vidi cries.

Lali and other friends check money in Milapani Devi’s box and say that it is a lot of money. They think that some rich man has kept some money in the box. Hariprasad says who has kept the money. Kalumal asks them not to think too much. Urmila and her husband go there. Peeli says that they are the blessings of Milapani Maa. Urmila becomes greedy for money and asks for 5500 almonds and ghee money. Bimala says that Maiyya is happy with the brown sugar, that she doesn’t want your almonds and ghee. Neeli says that it is 9000. Urmila asks for Rs 4500. Hariprasad says that you will not say anything and says that this is charity money from the temple. He says you can bring prasad or else we are not forcing you. They say that the great ones are waking up, you have to welcome them. Neel is about to give Hariprasad money. Hariprasad asks him to give it to Bimla.

Vidhi returns home. Neighbors show his banner and say that a great man is coming to our town because of you. He says that everyone is happy. Vidhi thinks how to tell them that Dev sir is not coming.

Dev tells Satyavati that she cannot go there. Satyavati says this is wrong, you will go to the temple. She says that she has made badam ka halwa special for Prasad and says that you have to take it. Dev asked him to send the servant there. Kalumal leads people to put up the banner welcoming Dev Raichand. Hariprasad asks why you are doing so much, Maiyya is stunned at the slightest thing. Kaluchacha reads. She asks Vidhi if she is up to her level. Vidya shook her head. Bimla asks her to come in and asks how her day was. Vidhi washes his hands and feet and says that he is fine. Bimla says that everyone is happy to meet her mistress and asks if she has invited him and his wife, if they will come before Pooja. Vidhi reminds Dev to shoot him.

Precap: Seema says that Dev, sir, is not coming. The law says we have to tell everyone. Sangeeta arrives at Dev’s house. Dev says that you mean my decision to finish off Vidhi was wrong. Sangeeta says that the staff members made Vidhi believe that Amba mam is your wife, and I hear her teasing Vidhi and she says that Vidhi’s mistake in this incident is… Dev says that he is innocent. Vidhi talks to Hariprasad. Dev decided to go to Jagrata.

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