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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Hariprasad And Bimla Stunned To See Arjun

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Sep 24, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Vidhi asks Arjun to stop the bike near the gate. Arjun says that you did well, otherwise he would have stopped you outside your room. Hariprasad and Bimala look at him in amazement. Vidhi asks Arjuna to take off his shoes as there is a temple in the house. Arjun watches them stare. He says that he didn’t have horns when he left home, and says that he must have grown up along the way. Bimala says horn. Arjun says you’re looking at me. Vidhi tells Hariprasad that they are working on the project and says that Dev sir said that instead of working late at the office, they will work at home. Bimla says that she will give tea and snacks. Arjun asks her to cook dinner for him and says that he soon gets hungry. He says that the house and the temple are good. He clicks on the photo of Hariprasad with Mandir and then takes a selfie with Hariprasad and Mandir. He tells Hariprasad that he wants to do his interview about the Mata Rani temple here. Hariprasad says that he is good. Vidhi says we have to work, did you forget? Arjun says that by doing this we get creative ideas. Bimla calls Vidhi and Hariprasad into the kitchen and asks Vidhi why she brought him here and says that she was ordering food. Vidhi says that she took him to work. Bimla says it is this school or office. Vidhi says that they will sit in the room. Bimla says no. Hariprasad asks them to sit outside the temple. He says that he will see what to do? Bimla tells Vidhi that if she asks for water, he should send her soon and send her to the kitchen. Vidhi says that he is a good person and very talkative too. She asks what are you cooking for dinner.

Arjuna asked Hariprasad to talk about the temple. Hariprasad says that couples are established with this goddess and all problems are eliminated. Vidhi says that Milapani Devi wants to rest and asks you to work. Arjun says goodbye and leaves with Vidhi. Vidhi and Arjun talk about love, music and youth. Hariprasad watches over them and Bimla arrives. The method scores the points. Bimla says they are working. Arjuna kneels down and offers her flowers. Vida smiles.

Dev gives an interview about saving the kids from the factory. The reporter asks about the method. He says that she is his employee. The reporter asks about the girl in his life. He says that she is now of age.

Bimla gives Vidhi clothes and asks her to wear those clothes because some people are coming to see her. In the office, Arjun tells Vidhi to close her eyes and tells her that the face he is seeing is related to love. Vidhi sees the faces of Hariprasad, Bimala and then Dev. She remembers making aarti with him and the moments of him. Na Umar ki Seema Ho…..Drama…..She asks what is reaching adolescence? She tells him that there is no age to love. God comes there. Arjun left there. Vidhi says Arjun, why do you look like Dev, sir? They all laugh. Dev asks if you’re okay. Vidhi says no, and says that when I closed my eyes, Arjuna was standing and when I opened my eyes, I did not understand when I saw you. He turns and sees Arjun standing on the other side. Dev says yes I will show you my aadhar card. Vidi says no. Arjun tells Vidhi that they had a good session at his house and says that they will do another session at his house and says there are good vibes there. Vidhi says thank you, but you can’t come today because the groom’s family is coming to see me. Anaya says marriage? Arjun says that I did not see the marriage take place, I will come to your house today. Vidhi says no, my father won’t like it. Arjun says that I will not bother, I will close my lips sitting in the corner. Vidi says no. Arjun says what about work. The law says that work is also necessary. He says that you can come, but that you will stay on the terrace until the groom’s family is home. He says that he is fine. She says that she’ll go get Mr. Dev’s signature on the file.

Dev signs and delivers the file. He asks if it’s your birthday today. Vidhi says no, I will let you know first because I want to unload that day. She asks what Moh is and says that she is asking for the project. Dev says that it is this attraction that can happen to the young or the old. She asks about love and marriage. Dev says that the first step is attachment, the second step is love, and the third step is marriage. Vidya thinks of his mother. Dev says that it is an emotion that can be felt, and says that the heart must be open to know the feelings. Vida smiles. Dev says it’s something that’s planned, and he says no, and says you just go with the flow and get where you want to go. Vidhi says well. Dev’s call comes in. He scolds the clerk. Vidhi gets scared and thinks about leaving, otherwise she will be scolded. Dev thinks where did Vidhi go? What was he asking him and what was I telling him?

Vidhi arrives home. Bimla asks Vidhi to do her makeup. Hariprasad says no, that is not necessary. Arjun arrives there and shakes hands with Hariprasad. Hariprasad says you can’t work here today. Arjun says that I know Vidhi’s future husband will come. Hariprasad says that there is no future husband, the alliance is not decided yet. Someone says that the groom’s family has come. Arjun goes to the kitchen.

Precap: Dev asks Vidhi why she didn’t tell him about the groom’s family. He says I don’t want to interfere in your life and says sorry. Vidhi believes that the lord does not want me to get married. s

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