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My Ex Girlfriend and Fiancee MishAan PraYansh FS Part1

My ex girlfriend and my fiancee part 1

I dedicate this FS to my friend Revu who wanted me to write a Kunal, Tejasswi, Aneri story about Tamil film Enna solla pogirai.

Thank you, my dear friend Sydell, for the beautiful covers.

It was Ruhaan and Paris’ engagement party. But Ruhaan looked gloomy. His parents Tej and Jhanvi noticed.

Tej: Ruhaan, why don’t you look happy?

Jhanvi: Normally the boy will be very happy during his engagement, but you don’t look that happy.

Ruhaan: Because, as you both know, I’m not ready to get married. Because I’ve been waiting to meet my soulmate naturally and I haven’t been able to find my soulmate yet.

Jhanvi: Don’t worry Ruhaan. Love happens even after marriage. Pari is a nice girl. You will love her after marriage.

Ruhaan said nothing. Another guy who was near her looked blank. He was none other than Ruhaan’s twin brother, Reyaansh.

Reyaansh thought: I fell in love with Pari at first sight. But our parents chose you for Ruhaan.

Ruhaan-Pari became engaged through a ring exchange.

Reyaansh faked a smile and said: Happy Ruhaan and Pari.

Suddenly Pari got bored.

Ruhaan noticed.

Ruhaan: What happened, Pari?

Pari: Nothing Ruhaan.

She smiled slowly.

Pari: Thank you Rey for your wishes.

they smiled.

Pari and Ruhaan met another day.

Ruhaan: Why did you call me Pari?

Pari: Ruhaan, I want to tell you something. You asked me what happened to me when Reyaansh wished us on our engagement day. My smile faded as I suddenly realized I was engaged to you, which I never wanted. Please don’t feel bad. I’m only marrying you for my dadi.

I don’t believe in love and relationships.

Ruhaan was shocked.

Ruhaan: You and Reyaansh are co-authors of romantic plays. If you don’t believe in love, how do you write romantic plays with Reyaansh?

Pari: I write romantic plays because the audience prefers love stories. We write according to the wishes of the audience.

Ruhaan was stunned.

Ruhaan: But why don’t you believe in love and relationships?

Pari was upset.

Pari: Because my mother loved my father when he was already married to someone. She was nothing but her own best friend. She broke up her own best friend’s house to get my dad both. God has punished both. My father lost my mother when she was swallowed by cancer. My father lost his life in a plane crash. I suffered a lot because of their bad affair. Because I was the result of an illegal affair.

Ruhaan saw her tears and took her face in his hands.

Ruhaan: Don’t cry, Pari.

He wiped away her tears.

Ruhaan: You shouldn’t think love is bad just because of a bad affair. love is pure There is also true love. There are many beautiful love stories.

Paris: No, I don’t think so.

Ruhaan thought: Pari had a frustrating childhood. Her hatred of love and relationships can also drive her into depression. So I should make her understand the beauty of love.

Ruhaan: No Pari. There are also beautiful love stories.

Pari: How do you know that? have you ever been in love

Ruhaan went deaf.

Paris: No. Right? Then how are you so sure that love can be beautiful? You misunderstand that love is beautiful.

Ruhaan: I don’t get that wrong. Because I was in love.

Paris was stunned.

Paris: Really?

Ruhaan log: Yes.

Pari: How did your love story begin?

Ruhaan thought: Oh my God! What should I say now?

Suddenly he remembered a scene from a movie.

Ruhaan thought: I’ll make up a story inspired by the movie I saw. I hope she doesn’t catch me in the act.

Ruhaan: I went to a resort. There she has…

His imagination…

A girl ran towards Ruhaan and pressed her lips to his cheek. He was shocked.

He slowly blushed unknowingly.

He came to his senses and stared at her.

Ruhaan: What have you done? I do not even know you. Then why did you kiss me?

She got bored.

You: Sorry. It was a bet. My friends asked me to dare to kiss the first man I see here. Sorry again. Please don’t take it seriously.

Ruhaan: Ok. But please don’t repeat it. What if the boy really falls in love with you after being kissed by you?

She gave him a puppy face: Sorry.

Ruhaan found her face cute,

Ruhaan: Okay, okay.

she ran away

His imagination is at an end.

Paris giggled.

Pari: The first meeting was so funny. A kiss as part of the bet. You fell in love with her just because she kissed you?

Rouhan: No.

Paris: Then?

Ruhaan thought: I need to get out of this situation.

He lied: I’ll tell you later. I have to go to a meeting now.

Paris: Ok. Nevertheless, the beginning of the love story is interesting. I would like to know more about your love story. can i meet your ex girlfriend

Ruhaan was stunned.

Ruhaan: What? Why do you want to meet her?

Pari: I’m only interested in getting to know her since she is the heroine of your love story. You act like you lied about having a girlfriend.

Ruhaan: No, nothing like that. i will bring her to you

Pari smiled: Thank you.

Ruhaan thought: If I refuse to bring my ex to her, she will understand that I lied.

Ruhaan told this to Reyaansh.

Reyaansh was stunned.

Reyaansh: Oh no! What have you done Ruhaan?

Ruhaan: Please don’t say no. Only you can help your poor brother. Since childhood we have always helped each other. Right?

Reyaansh: Ok. I’ll help you. Do you remember our college colleague Mishti?

Ruhaan: Yes. She was your best friend in college.

Reyaansh: Exactly. She loved acting and had done college sketches. I’m going to ask her to pose as your ex-girlfriend. If she agrees, it will be good for you. Otherwise…

Ruhaan: I hope… Mishti agrees. I try to stay positive. To be honest, while telling Pari the wrong love story, I unknowingly pictured Mishti as my ex-girlfriend. I do not know why. Now you suggested Mishti to be my ex-girlfriend. What a great coincidence!

Reyaansh was surprised.

Reyaansh told Mishti everything.

Reyaansh: Please help him Mishti.

Mishti hesitated.

Mishti: It’s difficult to act as Ruhaan’s girlfriend.

Reyaansh: You’re afraid to think you have to romance him? Then don’t worry. Because you’re being asked to appear as your ex-girlfriend in front of his fiancé, not his current girlfriend. So no chance for romance. So relax. Please help him Mishti.

Mishti: You are my close friend. So I can’t refuse. i will do what you say

Reyaansh smiled: Thank you Mishti.

Ruhaan and Pari were sitting in a restaurant.

Pari: is your ex girlfriend coming over?

Ruhaan: Yes, sure. She’ll come. Even after the breakup, she and I respect each other. Neither of us can deny each other’s wish.

Paris smiled.

Mishti entered the restaurant. Ruhaan’s face lit up when she saw them. Mishti smiled.

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