Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir surprises Yuvraj with a sports bike

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir surprises Yuvraj with a sports bike

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir surprises Yuvraj with a sports bike

Muskaan Ki Waaran Tum Ho Aug 15, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Kabir smiling and saying to invite the principal and all the teachers, they tried very hard but couldn’t get through without their guidance. Yuvraj thinks that thank God Kabir doesn’t know, but how am I going to stop him from coming? They say they are in Delhi. Kabir says just send his number, I’ll call him and send him the ticket. Yuvraj says that I will call him and invite him. Kabir says you think I’ll embarrass you, well you invite them. Says Masa, I will invite Uma and Manyata. Masa says yes, invite them. The story says that they have just arrived home, why should they be called again. He says I know how to explain to Uma. Manju asks Katha to come with her. Yuvraj works and apologizes to Kabir. Tony asks if Kabir will believe you. Yuvraj says if i can make a fake report card i can also make a fake medical certificate, if history tells my truth then this medical certificate will save me, i am waiting for bhushan, i want you to have some news, use what you can and shut the mouth of the narrative. The legend says that the family bought gifts for Yuvraj, but he is cheating them, I have to tell him the truth. She calls Kabir. Kabir is talking to Uma. He says I know you just started work, close the shop and go back to Udaipur. Uma asks what’s wrong, if the family found out about the story. Kabir says no, relax, Yuvraaj has finished the university, I have organized a party, you have to come. Uma says congratulations, but we just got back, there’s a recognition test. Kabir says okay, we have parties, Manyata will come next time, but you have to come, you will get a plane ticket. She says no, you’re my son-in-law, don’t send tickets. He says call me son and then son-in-law, do what you want, the car will come pick you up, we’ll meet in the evening. Deepa says that if Yuvraj sees these gifts, he won’t sleep. The story conveys a message to Kabir. Kabir says I have so many messages. Kishore asks where we are going. Kabir asks to buy a special gift for Yuvraj.

Bhushan asks Kaká if he knows the story. Kaka praised his courage. Bhushan asks if he has any relationship with any boys. Kaká slaps her and tells her to get lost. Bhushan feels like I am being slapped because of Yuvraj. History awaits Kabir’s call. she prays Manju arrives and asks her to get ready soon. She takes the gift and leaves. Katha tells Kabir where are you….

Everyone is at the party. Yuvraj says that the party started, it means that Kabir didn’t know anything. Masa introduced the story as her daughter-in-law. History awaits Kabir. Yuvraj sees her and goes to her. He asks her to go first. Everyone congratulated Yuvraj. He asks the guests to sit down. Masa tells Katha to meet her guests. Deepa walks up to Katha and asks what you did, you look so beautiful. History thanked him. Maddy says I heard Deepa talk, she called the press, you’ll get publicity for the rally. Yash says I’ll see you soon, I’ll give bytes to the media. Masa asks Deepa to call Katha. She asks Katha to meet Mr. Singh. Yuvraj also knows that man. He says I’ll teach Katha a lesson, I’m sure Bhushan must have gotten to know something. He calls Bhushan. Bhushan says that I received a strong slap. Yuvraj asked what. Bhushan says that he was asking a paan seller, and he slapped him, everyone respects him, someone came to find out about him, they arrested him. Yuvraj says who he was, the enemy of the enemy is a friend, find out, that man can help us, don’t come back until you know. Bhushan agrees. The story tells why Kabir doesn’t come. Kabir is coming. He thinks Kabir has to read my message. Kabir presented the sports bike Yuvraj was surprised. They all smile. Yuvraj asks who this is for. Kabir gives him the key and tells him that it is for you. Yuvraaj says that I like him. He hugs Kabir. Masa says you won’t do a bike race. Yuvraj has promised. He does a round.

Everyone claps. Kabir appears in the story. She asks why you didn’t answer, you read the message. He says sorry my phone is dead. Kishore comes over and gives him the power bank. Kabir proposed the vote of thanks. He says that Yuvraj has worked hard. Kishore says that you have worked very hard in raising him. When I turn on the phone, Kabir says a lot of messages. As he checks the messages, Katha sees him.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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