Moose Chal Ki Jaye 20 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan slaps Prisha

Moose Chal Ki Jaye 20 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan slaps Prisha

Moose Chal Ki Jaye 20 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan slaps Prisha

Moose Chal Ki Jaye 20 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Prisha getting angry in front of her mother. She says Saumya got that necklace, Armaan got that for me, she got Armaan and everything, I can’t get sidelined, that’s all. she drinks. Sushma asks Mahi about her dance performance. Mahi asks them to get ready for it. Soumya asks Armaan if this is his new surprise. Prisha says this is my dance performance. Saumya says but Prisha was not going to dance. Armaan says maybe it is his surprise. He worries. Prisha comes there and dances around Armaan. I play for you….play…. Tara asks what happened to Prisha. Kashish asks Sushma what is happening. Prisha holds Armaan. He pushes her away and asks her to stop it. Light comes. Sushma asks Preesha not to embarrass her. Prisha laughs. She says I am not afraid of anyone. He asks what the fuck is this. Prisha says don’t be afraid, let them find out. She says you know what Saumya, I like…. Armaan slaps her. Everyone is surprised.

Armaan says he is drunk. Mama asks Mami to stop Prisha. Mami says her good Arman has slapped her, maybe he is drunk by mistake. Armaan says that he has crossed all his limits. Soumya asks him to calm down. Soumya asks Prisha are you fine. Prisha says yes, I never felt so good before. Soumya asks what do you want to say. Prisha asks are you sure. Armaan signs Harsh. Harsh asks to see Saumya, Prisha is not conscious, take her to her room and give her some black coffee. Soumya says wait a second. He says I don’t want him to ruin our family honour. He asks Sushma to pick up Prisha. Soumya says wait a second, let Prisha say whatever she wants. Prisha faints. Sushma and Mami take him away. Harsh asks Saumya to sit for the rituals. He goes with Armaan. He asks if, affair with Prisha, are you kidding, I thought you are smarter than this, having an affair but keep things away from home, Armaan says Prisha came like fresh air in my life And I joined in. Harsh says don’t say that word again, your reputation will be lost in seconds.

He says win Soumya’s trust with love, so that she doesn’t believe anyone against you. Soumya thinks of everything. His parents come. They say it is not good that Prisha stays here. Come on desire He says people change, as I have changed. Malini says we were talking about Prisha, not you, sometimes, we get our own evil eye. He says no one can spoil our relationship. Soumya shook her head. Tara comes and says that Prisha has regained consciousness, she wants to talk to Armaan and Saumya. Soumya asks are you fine, you suddenly look worried. Armaan says I am not worried. They go down. Saumya tells Preesha what she wants. Harsh asks what will she say, she will cry and says sorry, I don’t want her to insult us, she can’t stay here, take her now. Soumya says we will hear what she wants to say. Prisha hugs him and says crying, sorry, I broke your trust and Armaan, I feel very bad. Soumya says I am glad you realized your mistake, you wanted to tell some truth, say. Prisha says it is true, I love drinking alcohol. Armaan is relieved. Prisha says I tried to quit alcohol but I could not, I drank alcohol today and lost control. Soumya says that some mistakes are such which cannot be forgiven. She asks Mami to take Prisha home. Mami says sure. Kashish says we are with you all. Soumya’s family leaves. Soumya thinks why I think Prisha didn’t tell the truth.

Armaan is with Prisha. Soumya gets a call from Prisha. She says I got to know about your bf. Armaan’s concern

Update Credits: Amena

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