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Moose Chal Ki Jaaye 26 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Soumya caught Armaan’s deception

Moose Chal Ki Jaye 26 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Armaan telling Saumya about a big film production. He says I will go for narration, I will stay in resort for two days. Soumya says good news, you make good stories, what resort are you staying in, don’t worry, I am not coming along, if I need you and mobile is not available, I will not be able to reach you. should be able . He says luxury beach resorts, take care of yourself and the kids. He leaves. She calls Prisha and asks are you free today, can we meet. Prisha says no, I am going to my friend for two days, will we meet later then its fine. Soumya says sure, no problem. Soumya says I knew, you will refuse. Prisha says I am going on honeymoon with Armaan. Mami asks whose phone was it. Prisha says Soumya asked me to meet her, I said I am busy. Mami says she is doubting you, you confirmed her suspicion. Prisha says it is good if she knows, I am tired, I do not want to be in Armaan’s life as second option, Armaan will choose me, not Saumya. Mami says Armaan is serious about her image, he will do anything to save his name, you tell this to Armaan.

Prisha calls Armaan and says Saumya called me, I think she doubts us, she might follow us, we should cancel our plan. He says no way, she thinks she is really intelligent, I will make a fool of her, don’t worry, I will handle. Simmi says… Soumya remembered everything. Simmi calls Saumya and asks her to write a romantic scene, this is the demand of the channel. Soumya asks why all of a sudden. Simmi says you can, we have to write the scene today itself, Armaan is busy with narration, just write three episodes and send it till tomorrow, I have to send it for approval. Soumya says ok. Simmi says thank you, you are great. Armaan says you are also great, give feedback to Saumya and tell that we are not shooting new scenes, channel likes old scenes only. Soumya sits down to write the scene. Armaan says Saumya, you think you are smart, use it in writing, not in becoming a spy. Soumya says why they want a romantic track at this time, no…. I want to confirm this. She calls Priya and asks did you not like the current track, asked you to write a romantic scene. Priya says no, we don’t want to add anything. Soumya says I thought so, there is some miscommunication, thanks. She ends the call and cries. She says Armaan wanted to busy me, Armaan has written the script of my life, but I will write the climax of this story. She searches about the resort. She calls Goldie and asks him for help. He says sure, what can I do for you. She says I have to find out something. He asks what. She tells the truth, I want to find my husband’s truth with proof, it is enough cheating and lies.

He agrees and asks what should he do. She asks what is your decision, what will you choose, truth or friendship. He tells her what to do. She suggests a plan. Armaan comes to the resort room and sees Prisha. He says you want to test my love, women are never satisfied, look at me, I left my boring wife and I am with you, Prisha, you want me to prove my love. Soumya replaces Prisha. She gets shocked. He says if you want this, then I am ready to do it, anything for you, just you and me, and our love moments, not for my middle class, not good for wife, Saumya, That’s all, I’m switching off my phone, just you and me. He keeps it. doorbell rings. He says I have planned a surprise for you, I will come back. He opens the door and is shocked to see Prisha. Prisha hugs him and asks did I make you wait long. He says you.. who are you then.. He sees Saumya and gets shocked.

Saumya scolds Armaan and Prisha. They say that a man becomes a man when he becomes a woman’s guts, everything between us ends.

Update Credits: Amena

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